The Unsung Guardians of Brewton, Alabama: A Look at the City’s Law Enforcement and Public Safety Departments

July 4, 2023

Escambia County Sheriff

The Escambia County Sheriff plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order in Brewton. As a multifaceted agency, they serve the community in various capacities, including government office functions, law enforcement, and operation of correctional facilities.

Brewton City – Police Department

The Brewton City Police Department is instrumental in providing a safe and secure environment for all Brewton residents. The department strives to create a community where citizens can enjoy the benefits of a small-town pace, coupled with the security of a robust policing system.

East Brewton City – Police Department

The East Brewton City Police Department, much like its counterpart in Brewton City, is focused on ensuring public safety and maintaining law and order within its jurisdiction.

East Brewton City – Fire Department, Fire Department Business Office

As the primary emergency service provider in East Brewton City, the Fire Department is a crucial part of the community’s public health and safety infrastructure.

Escambia Emergency Management

The Escambia Emergency Management is a government agency that plays an essential role in coordinating county-wide public order and safety efforts.

Escambia County Emergency Mgmt

Though lacking a website, the Escambia County Emergency Mgmt is responsible for managing emergencies and maintaining public safety throughout Escambia County.

Boykin-Damascus Fire Department

Another unsung guardian without an online presence, the Boykin-Damascus Fire Department is a trusted protector of public safety, providing fire protection services to the local community.

Appleton Volunteer Fire Department

The Appleton Volunteer Fire Department, another entity without a website, is a testament to the spirit of community service in Brewton. This volunteer-led organization ensures fire protection and safety for the Appleton area.

City of Brewton, Alabama – Government

The City of Brewton’s Government oversees a vast range of public services, including the local police department, education, and local business development, contributing significantly to public safety and order.

Escambia County Of, Public Defender

Though lacking a website, the Escambia County Public Defender is an essential part of the local justice system, providing legal services to those in need and promoting fair treatment under the law.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff exemplifies the commitment to safety and justice that is inherent to law enforcement agencies. Their work extends beyond Brewton, providing essential police protection across Santa Rosa County.

Jay Volunteer Fire Dept Inc

The Jay Volunteer Fire Department Inc is a beacon of community service, providing safety and fire protection services that contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Flomaton Police Department

The Flomaton Police Department serves as another crucial player in local law enforcement, ensuring safety and public order within their jurisdiction.

Lenox-Springhill Fire Dept

Though lacking an online presence, the Lenox-Springhill Fire Department stands as an essential pillar of safety in the Brewton community, providing necessary fire protection services.

This brief exploration of Brewton’s law enforcement and public safety departments paints a picture of a community supported by a network of dedicated, hardworking professionals. Their service ensures that Brewton remains a secure, safe, and peaceful place to live.

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