The Pillars of Pharmacy in Brevard, North Carolina: A Diverse Spectrum of Healthcare Choices

June 21, 2023

1. Walgreens – The One-Stop-Shop Solution

With a broad scope encompassing prescription refills, health and beauty products, and even a photo lab, Walgreens remains a staple in Brevard. It is also a vital COVID-19 resource, acting as a vaccine and testing location.

2. Metcalf Pharmacy – The Quintessential Local Drugstore

Metcalf Pharmacy presents itself as a reliable local business, offering pharmaceutical services and a plethora of retail options, further underscoring the importance of the role local pharmacies play in communities like Brevard.

3. CVS Pharmacy – Meeting Daily Healthcare Needs

From a comprehensive drugstore to a diverse photo lab, CVS Pharmacy ensures that it’s much more than just a place to pick up prescriptions. Its extended opening hours signify its commitment to serving the community around the clock.

4. Gordon Family Pharmacy Inc.

Providing much-needed medical services and supplies, Gordon Family Pharmacy stands as a pillar of Brevard’s healthcare industry. Its emphasis on personalized, family-oriented service sets it apart.

5. Eckerd Pharmacy (Rite Aid)

Eckerd Pharmacy, now a part of Rite Aid, enhances the local pharmacy spectrum with a diverse assortment of health and beauty products, creating a holistic approach to community wellness.

6. Brevard Animal Hospital – Comprehensive Care for Furry Friends

Brevard Animal Hospital is a one-of-a-kind establishment offering veterinary pharmacy services in addition to a range of other pet healthcare solutions, underlining the importance of comprehensive care for all members of Brevard’s families – even the four-legged ones!

7. Wal-Mart – Pharmacy

As part of the multinational retail corporation, Wal-Mart Pharmacy brings an affordable and accessible approach to healthcare, making everyday essentials readily available for Brevard’s residents.

8. Dollar General Store – Value and Convenience

Dollar General underscores the importance of accessibility and affordability in healthcare, offering a carefully curated assortment of popular brands at everyday low prices.

9. Etowah Pharmacy

Despite being a small, local business, Etowah Pharmacy exemplifies the classic charm of community-based healthcare services, providing essential pharmacy and drugstore offerings to Brevard and surrounding areas.

10. Mission Pharmacy – Lake Toxaway

Mission Pharmacy is a critical component of the local healthcare system, providing indispensable pharmaceutical services to the community.

11. CVS/Pharmacy

With an emphasis on fulfilling the community’s daily healthcare needs, CVS/Pharmacy plays an integral part in making comprehensive health and wellness services accessible to Brevard’s residents.

12. Walgreens – Continuity in Care

By offering a range of services from prescription refills to health and beauty products, Walgreens further affirms its role as a core part of Brevard’s healthcare framework.

The variety and robustness of pharmacy businesses in Brevard, North Carolina, highlight the sector’s growth and development, while simultaneously underscoring the role of these establishments in meeting the health needs of the community. These companies, varying from local family-owned pharmacies to large, multinational chains, reflect the importance of accessibility, affordability, and variety in healthcare.

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