The Legal Landscape of Brookfield, OH: Pioneering Firms and Diverse Expertise

September 5, 2023

Brookfield, Ohio, is home to a burgeoning legal community that brings together an array of specialties and competencies. Whether you are in need of advice on real estate transactions, estate planning, or navigating a contentious divorce, Brookfield has something to offer for nearly every legal need. This article spotlights some of the most interesting lawyer companies in the area.

Hoffman & Walker Co LPA: The All-Around Law Firm

Website: [Not Available]
Specialties: Real Estate, Estate Planning, Tax, Corporation and LLC Organization

Hoffman & Walker Co LPA is a general practice firm with more than 20 years of experience in providing comprehensive legal services to the Brookfield community. With nearly 70 years of combined experience, attorneys James E. Hoffman III and Elwood M. Walker have built a strong reputation for their expansive knowledge across multiple practice areas. The firm offers everything from estate planning to real estate transactions and is known for its exceptional client service, including house calls.

Obrien James a Attorney: The Versatile Legal Professional

Website: [Not Available]
Specialties: Real Estate, Divorce, Probate, DUI, Corporate Law, Criminal Defense

Though the firm doesn’t offer a description, Obrien James a Attorney is a multi-faceted law company that deals with a plethora of legal issues, ranging from real estate and divorce to DUI and corporate law.

Robert L Herman Attorney: The Advocate for Civil Liberties

Specialties: Bankruptcy, Divorce, Civil Rights, Estate Planning

Robert L Herman is a multi-specialty attorney, advocating for civil rights alongside other practice areas like bankruptcy and divorce.

Robert C Kokor: A Specialist in Personal and Business Law

Specialties: Business Law, Personal Law

Though no description is provided, Robert C Kokor’s firm offers an array of services ranging from business law to personal legal matters.

Betras Kopp & Harshman LLC: Legal Expertise without Boundaries

Website: [Not Available]
Specialties: General Practice

Little is known about the specialties at Betras Kopp & Harshman LLC, but it is considered among the prominent legal firms in Brookfield.

Charles F Gilchrest: Your Go-To for Legal Services

Website: [Not Available]
Specialties: General Legal Services

Another firm without a specific description, Charles F Gilchrest offers a range of legal services to meet various client needs.

Amrhein Jr Ronald d – Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace

Specialties: Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Business Law

Though the description is not provided, this firm covers an extensive range of specialties from personal injury to criminal defense and business law.

Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti LLP: The Real Estate Attorney Haven

Specialties: Real Estate

Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti LLP specializes in real estate law, offering specialized service for property transactions.

Becker Ann m Attorney: Family Law and Beyond

Website: [Not Available]
Specialties: Family Law, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury

Becker Ann m Attorney offers an array of services, from family law to bankruptcy and personal injury.

Bell Keith Attorney: Your Family and Business Advocate

Website: [Not Available]
Specialties: Family Law, Business Services, Real Estate

Though the description is missing, Bell Keith Attorney provides a wide array of services, including family law and business services.

Fruit Dill Goodwin & Scholl: The Comprehensive Legal Team

Specialties: Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Personal Injury

Fruit Dill Goodwin & Scholl offers comprehensive legal services, from bankruptcy and criminal law to personal injury cases.

Goldstone Bernard Attorney: The Personal Injury and Elder Law Expert

Website: [Not Available]
Specialties: Personal Injury, Elder Law

While the description is missing, Goldstone Bernard Attorney specializes in personal injury and elder law.

Ekker Kuster McCall Epstein, LLP: The Networked Law Firm

Website: [Not Available]
Specialties: Personal Injury, Business Litigation

Ekker Kuster McCall Epstein, LLP provides a diversified range of legal services, bolstered by its network with regional and national law firms.

Charles S. Hersh Attorney, CFP: The Financial Legal Expert

Website: [Not Available]
Specialties: Elder Law, Wills & Probate

Charles S. Hersh Attorney offers expertise in elder law and wills & probate, making it a go-to for financial legal needs.

Mergl Law: The Boutique Law Firm

Specialties: General Practice

Though a description is not provided, Mergl Law is another law firm in Brookfield that offers a broad array of legal services.

From generalists to specialists, the Brookfield legal community is as varied as it is skilled. So whatever your legal requirements, rest assured, Brookfield has a firm to fit your needs.

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