The Keystone of Farmingville: An Exploration of Masonry Masters in New York

June 18, 2023

The world of masonry is as complex and diverse as the array of materials used to form each unique project. From intricate tilework to robust retaining walls, the masonry industry boasts an impressive breadth of expertise. This article provides an insightful tour of some of the most noteworthy masonry companies operating in Farmingville, New York. These local businesses exemplify the rich tapestry of craftsmanship and innovation prevalent in this industry.

Royal Stone and Masonry

As the name suggests, Royal Stone and Masonry specializes in deck and patio building, providing a royal touch to every project they undertake. Their professional approach to masonry work solidifies their reputation as top-tier masonry contractors.

Cancos Tile Corp

Cancos Tile Corp is the one-stop destination for an all-encompassing range of masonry-related services and products. From kitchen and bathroom remodeling to tile and marble contracting, Cancos Tile Corp has their fingers on the pulse of the masonry industry.

Roman Land Design

Roman Land Design takes masonry artistry to the next level. Their design-focused approach helps bring customers’ unique visions to life with lasting beauty and functionality.

Farmingville Masonry

As a versatile supplier in the masonry industry, Farmingville Masonry provides a broad range of materials and services, including concrete contracting and paving and asphalt services.

Pro Star Construction

Pro Star Construction, despite the lack of a web presence, remains a central figure in the local masonry industry, delivering high-quality work as reputable masonry contractors.

Classic Paving Inc.

Classic Paving Inc., another company primarily operating offline, has a strong local reputation for their solid masonry work, delivering quality and durability in every project.

M. Jesus Construction Corporation

“M. Jesus Construction Corporation” emphasizes their generational expertise in the construction field. Their services include concrete contracting, excavation, home additions, and various masonry work, demonstrating their versatility and competence.

Country Masonry Construction Inc

Country Masonry Construction Inc has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality workmanship. Despite its limited online presence, its impact is far-reaching in the local community.

Diamond Design Masonry Corp

Diamond Design Masonry Corp stands as a shining example of masonry mastery in Farmingville. With expertise in various areas of masonry and construction, their work is as solid as a diamond.

P & R Masonry & Concrete Inc

P & R Masonry & Concrete Inc upholds the sturdy legacy of the masonry industry. Their expertise spans across construction, concrete work, and specialized trade contracts.

Independent Concrete Corporation

The Independent Concrete Corporation offers an array of services from concrete contracting to home improvement. Their quality work is respected across the industry, making them a cornerstone of the local masonry scene.

JLC Landscape Services

JLC Landscape Services enhances outdoor spaces by blending masonry with landscaping. Their team of professionals create distinctive landscapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Royal Stone Masonry Supplies

Royal Stone Masonry Supplies is a go-to source for various masonry materials and accessories. Their selection supports the industry’s diverse needs, from construction equipment to natural stone.

Maxim Exterminators

Maxim Exterminators combines masonry expertise with landscape mastery, while also offering pest control services. With over two decades of experience, they have built a reputation for delivering comprehensive services with exceptional quality.

AFG Contracting & Restoration

AFG Contracting & Restoration specializes in both masonry and general contracting services. From remodeling and foundations to disaster recovery, they have a wide spectrum of expertise to tackle any project.

In conclusion, Farmingville, New York, is home to a vibrant and versatile collection of masonry companies. Each company brings unique expertise and dedication to the craft, contributing to the overall richness and robustness of the masonry industry. Their skills and contributions lay the foundation for Farmingville’s built environment, enhancing its character and resilience.

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