The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech In The Workplace

March 18, 2023
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Even though the ability to express one’s opinion is a sign of workplace safety, it has always been controversial in American society. It would be foolish to claim that this problematic issue has been resolved today. Many may argue that there is a First Amendment that, in theory, protects workers’ rights. However, this is only a misunderstanding since vindication only applies to the public sector, with certain restrictions. Let’s delve into this issue and define why the working class needs to be shielded and how the First Amendment manifests itself today.

Reasons Why Employee’s Right to Speak Freely Should Be Protected

The debate about human rights often takes place within different institutions. People discuss it at schools, universities, or enterprises. The discussion and acknowledgment of the topic are significant. They contribute to the development of healthy communication between bosses and their staff. A great number of workers believe that speaking up enhances the following factors.

  • Level of one’s motivation: a lot of surveys have proved that workers feel more energetic and enthusiastic when they’re heard.
  • Mental state: active companionship and team brainstorming increase the overall posture of the laborer. Conversing on a daily basis positively affects the happiness hormones, which maintain mental health.
  • Understanding between supervisees and supervisors: one can feel his thoughts are meaningful and indispensable for the superior. It also strengthens the bond among the crew.
  • Enterprise’s workflow and operations in general. Speaking up helps to solve occurring problems efficiently and promptly. Being able to express one’s opinion freely may bring up new ideas and improve businesses’ reputation on the market.

As a student, you may be faced with a task to deliver a freedom of speech essay given the topicality of the matter. Reading through samples written by professionals helps to get a deeper understanding of the issue. Reviewing examples devoted to the topic will simplify finding solid arguments for your Freedom of Speech essay or formatting the paper according to the requirements. Expert advice will turn your free speech essay into a comprehensive and valuable paper.

What Is Done to Protect the Employees’ Rights?

The First Amendment is an important part of the protection process. It applies to the unrestrained expression of opinion, liberated press, and religion. Additionally, it permits peaceful meetings for promoting and sharing ideas. It also serves as a faculty for a petition addressed to the federal administration. Look for a quality freedom of speech essay example or other online sources to learn more about the matter.

Public Sector

Public employees avail of their position. To be heard, they have to speak about public issues as a private person. But, there are more specifications to the matter. The concern proposed by the person should preponderate the cabinet’s possibilities of limiting such discourse.

For instance, a preschool teacher writes a complaint to the local newspaper. She’s condemning the negligent handling of finances by the preschool board. The Supreme Court recognizes that this situation applies to the First Amendment. The teacher’s complaint didn’t stress the issues associated with the school in particular. It emphasized the functioning of the school board. The way it manages its finances is considered a business of public significance.

However, the court will not take the worker’s side who objects to the case related to his primary duties. The government has a certain control over the individuals who perform in their official capacity. If you want to learn more about supreme capabilities, look for an essay on freedom of speech on the Internet. Overviewing the issue from different angles would help to improve genuine understanding.

The court will not protect a police officer who discussed the incompetence of his superior. The Court will argue that in such a case, the officer is acting in his official capacity and not as a private speaker. He mustn’t conduct himself as presented during the meeting dedicated to the investigation details.

Private Sector

Many overlook the fact that such freedoms are relevant only in the case of adverse employment by the cabinet. In the private sector, the employer can run the enterprise as he or she sees fit. However, certain exceptions apply here as well.

Discriminatory Actions

Within private organizations, employers can be forbidden to wear certain clothes or attributes. These things might seem too political or distrust other workers in the office. Yet, if the restrictions apply to a certain workgroup only, such actions could be considered illegal discrimination. The division of people by gender, race, and nationality is the most frequent violation of freedoms in the labor station. This concern is widely debated in various institutions. Authorities of colleges and schools assign learners with an argumentative essay on freedom of speech to supply them with vital knowledge before they start their careers.

Concerted Activity

The supervisor cannot prevent or limit the desire of people to come together to discuss ideas or promote them. The mentioned initiative is controlled by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Sections 7 and 8 clarify the concerted activity. The First Amendment would be valid when two or more people come together to support or help each other. Also, on the condition of consideration of the company terms. Still, NLRA protections may not be effective if the staff’s appeal is insulting or dishonoring regarding the superior.

State’s Laws Specifications

The main body everyone adheres to is the National Court of the US. Yet, states’ cabinets may provide complementary rules and vindications. For instance, the administration can prevent inauspicious attitudes from private directors. It applies to political affiliation or statements on social media taking place beyond working hours. However, these regulations vary depending on the law and jurisdiction of each state.

Pros & Cons

Although the majority claims that sharing opinions without limitations benefits society, there is some refutation. Fair and honest statements should have attention, but what if the influence of such statements is offensive or abusive? That is an excellent topic for an essay about freedom of speech, as you can do in-depth research and discover more essential aspects. Below, we’ve created a list of several pros & cons to demonstrate the duality of the discussed issue.


  1. Prevents special interests from taking over and allows criticizing people with abusive power.
  2. Brings peaceful changes to the community, excluding violence and hatred.
  3. Reveal illegal or wicked intentions by a fair trial.
  4. Allows you to express yourself and doesn’t oblige you to follow certain ideas.
  5. Evolves the development of a cultivated and educated society.


  1. Can cause violence against certain groups of people, like hatred regarding the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. May induce verbal abuse, which leads to mental health issues.
  3. Reduces the need to find a compromise, as both sides can prove their points «to death».
  4. Becomes paradoxical since the state still puts restrictions on certain topics.
  5. Generates «fake news» that can affect the health of an individual or an entire group of people.


Being able to express your opinion at work is valuable. Americans have taken plenty of measures to create a safe working space. It includes people of different races, genders, and nationalities. For example, the impact of the First Amendment within the public sector is huge. Also, NLRA and specified states’ jurisdictions within private enterprises make a difference. These control and manage the conduct between superiors and laborers. Still, much is worth improving — learning the nature of the moral relationship and managing behaviors at the legal level.

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