The Garden of Early Learning: Preschool Innovators in Bridgeport, CT

August 19, 2023

Bridgeport, CT is home to a diverse selection of preschool establishments, each contributing uniquely to the city’s rich tapestry of early childhood education. These schools serve as the first stepping stones in a child’s learning journey, creating environments where children not only learn but thrive. Let’s explore some of the outstanding preschool companies that make Bridgeport a hub for early education.

Busy Beaver Extended Day Program

Serving as a comprehensive option for families, this program supports early learning in various aspects, from day care to community services, embodying its commitment to holistic child and family care.

Bonim Preschool and Pre-K 5/Transitional Kindergarten

Focused exclusively on preschool education, Bonim provides a strong foundation for children, preparing them for the academic challenges that lie ahead.

Small To Tall Preschool

With a name that beautifully captures a child’s journey, Small To Tall Preschool fosters growth in young minds through quality education and child care services.

STEAMulating Young Minds Imagination (SYMI) Academy

At SYMI Academy, children are engaged in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) focused curriculum that sparks creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Babies First Steps Family Day Care

This facility puts the emphasis on a nurturing and familial environment, ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere for each child’s first steps into education.

PY Children’s House Daycare

A committed family day care service, PY Children’s House excels at offering attentive care alongside enriching educational programs.

The Growing Patch

A place where children, like small seeds, are nurtured to grow and flourish into well-rounded individuals through care and education.

Lindsey’s House Early Learning Center

Inspired by a deep-seated family commitment to community service, Lindsey’s House is dedicated to holistic child development, honoring the memory of its philanthropic founder.

Wee Care Child Care

Taking its name to heart, Wee Care Child Care provides attentive and comprehensive services that address both educational and caregiving needs.

Elle Em In Oh Pre

With a focus on preschool education, Elle Em In Oh Pre aims to provide a vibrant learning space for children to thrive.

Donna’s Little Doves’s Infant & Toddler Preschool

In a uniquely welcoming environment, Donna’s Little Doves nourishes the minds and hearts of the youngest learners.

Sweetpea Home Daycare

Offering the comforts of home, Sweetpea provides loving care along with enriching early learning experiences.

Daughters Of Charity Of The Most Precious Blood Convent – Day Nursery

Rooted in faith and community service, this organization weaves spiritual and moral values into the fabric of early education.

Mixed Blessing Family Day Care

Catering to families of various backgrounds, Mixed Blessing nurtures children with a blend of education, care, and community involvement.


More than a daycare, Childport is an initiative that integrates child care services with broader community health and wellness programs.

In Bridgeport, the seeds of future success are being sown in these remarkable institutions. Each one, with its unique approach and philosophy, contributes to shaping the young minds who will one day lead our communities and our world.

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