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The Five Biggest Challenges Pharmaceutical Businesses Are Facing In 2022

The Five Biggest Challenges Pharmaceutical Businesses Are Facing In 2022

Managers and employees in and around a pharmaceutical firm know the numerous issues plaguing the organization. These issues involve both the macro and micro environments. But what exactly are they? This post describes the top five problems for pharma and biopharmaceutical producers in 2022.

Top 5 Most Significant Pharmaceutical Business Challenges


Due to the population shift to urban regions, and improved accessibility to healthcare services, pharmaceutical businesses are blessed with larger target markets and profitability. 

However, on the flip side, other issues, such as customer attitudes, government legislation, medicine availability, and cost, are not totally in favor of pharma businesses. These pose great challenges and sometimes impede the expansion of the pharmaceutical sector. Below are the five most significant pharma challenges in 2022.

1. Digitalization and Price Fluctuation Analysis

According to recent research on the pharmaceutical sector, many major firms face difficult times due to digitalization. Although the continually changing market environment and pharmaceutical industry trends can be highly beneficial, the reverse is also true. This has intensified the need for sound pricing structure analysis because pricing supervision is crucial for profitability. Analyzing altering client desires and fluctuating costs is one of the most significant challenges pharmaceutical businesses confront today.

2. Supply and Demand

Before the pandemic, outsourcing biopharmaceutical development and manufacture was the standard and profitable business strategy. All development and production operations in the industry were completely outsourced to pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

However, as a result of the epidemic, CDMOs have experienced a boost in demand to get pharmaceuticals to market at crazy speeds. And because repeated booster vaccines are required, the need for manufacturing support will most certainly remain for the foreseeable future, which is a major issue.

Biopharma manufacturing businesses have had to deal with supply delays and consumables shortages, with components such as glass vials being largely labeled for vaccine production. Aside from this fundamental issue, there are additional problems, such as supply chain distribution and the growing demand for sustainable products.

3. Scarcity of Skilled Labor

A critical aspect that will continue to hinder biopharma production this year is the restricted supply of skilled labor. Although technology may ease some of the challenges associated with labor shortages, the basic issue will remain. The growth and training of employees for the STEM sectors will necessitate further investment in education. Many pharmaceutical businesses suffer because most nations aren’t either equipped to meet this challenge or will not prioritize it.

4. Novel Therapeutics

Another significant pharma challenge is adapting to emerging technology such as mRNA vaccines and treatments. Many CDMOs have experienced significant learning curves in adapting to a new and previously unknown technology. Critical elements like adapting capabilities, investing in capacity, and adopting new technology are increasingly important success factors.

CDMOs must learn to get acquainted with this technology and be fully equipped with the necessary capacity and capabilities. This is necessary because the demand for manufacturing support for novel therapeutics is expected to expand further.

5. Pharmaceutical Company Mergers

Since many companies are merging to reduce production costs, fewer will be available to deal with the expanding pharmaceutical market. If this new trend continues, it will gravely affect CDMO companies. But only if things don’t return to normal or it takes longer than predicted.

Final Thoughts

Despite these challenges, the pharmaceutical industry continually thrives, expanding the market. Also, these aren’t the only problems facing businesses but the largest and the most urgent for solution providers.

Written by Marcus Richards

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