The Brookfield Titans: Leading Concrete Contractors of Wisconsin

Uncovering the Essence of Brookfield’s Concrete Creations

StructureWerks: The Structural Saviors
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Driven by a mantra that concrete is meant to endure, StructureWerks provides a comprehensive inspection service. Their 6-point InspectionWerks ensures the structural integrity of any establishment. Specialized in services ranging from waterproofing, sealants, structural reinforcement to masonry and foundation repairs, this company stands as a one-stop solution for all concrete concerns.

SZ Concrete & Masonry, LLC
A firm pillar in the Brookfield concrete realm, SZ Concrete & Masonry, LLC stays committed to offering exceptional service. They consistently produce top-tier results, making them a concrete contractor of choice.

Marv Mews & Sons Inc: Paving Perfection with Every Project
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Serving the Brookfield community with passion and precision, Marv Mews & Sons Inc caters to both residential and commercial concrete needs. Their meticulous work in installing, replacing, and renovating concrete features showcases their dedication to excellence.

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A master of masonry and concrete, Contractor-X has garnered recognition for its commitment to quality. Their craftsmanship echoes the timeless beauty of solid construction.

Kozlowski Construction
An embodiment of versatility, Kozlowski Construction offers an array of services from masonry to concrete construction. Their expertise as bricklayers and masonry contractors stands as a testament to their unmatched skills.

Concrete Concepts: The Artisans of Concrete
A confluence of creativity and construction, Concrete Concepts ventures into realms from flooring to countertops, waterproofing to home improvement. Their diverse portfolio presents a holistic approach to concrete-based solutions.

Dousman Construction Co
Dedicated to excellence, Dousman Construction Co has etched its name as a trusted contractor in Brookfield. Their wide-ranging services encompass concrete construction, masonry, carpentry, and more, making them a leading figure in the industry.

Schmidt Thomas J
With an eye for detail and a knack for precision, Schmidt Thomas J has emerged as a stalwart in the concrete contractor domain. Their exceptional service sets them apart in the competitive landscape.

J & A Pohl Incorporated
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Distinguished for their exemplary work, J & A Pohl Incorporated exemplifies the essence of top-notch concrete construction. Their prowess has solidified their reputation as Brookfield’s trusted contractors.

Concrete Design
A symphony of aesthetics and utility, Concrete Design stands at the crossroads of landscaping and concrete construction. Their innovative approaches have transformed many landscapes, highlighting their mastery in stamped & decorative concrete.

Rinaldi Builders Incorporated
Blending functionality with elegance, Rinaldi Builders Incorporated crafts concrete masterpieces. Their expertise extends from home improvements to garage constructions, positioning them as an industry frontrunner.

Dillman Equipment
An essential player in the construction sector, Dillman Equipment serves as a go-to source for products, materials, and expertise related to asphalt and concrete. Their diverse offerings ensure that every project is equipped with the best.

Fireside Masonry: Crafting Comfort
With a specialization in fireplaces, Fireside Masonry stands unique in the concrete and masonry space. Their blend of stonework and fireplace equipment ensures that every hearth they craft is a warm centerpiece.

Cardinal Asphalt Paving
Uniting transportation services with paving prowess, Cardinal Asphalt Paving is a beacon of excellence. Their expertise in road and highway materials positions them as the trusted contractor for both concrete and asphalt needs.

Wisconsin Coating Professionals: Crafting Lasting Impressions
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Renowned for their impeccable coating services, Wisconsin Coating Professionals partners with RhinoShield and FloorShield. Their offerings range from house painting, garage floors, epoxy applications, to innovative paint coatings, ensuring every surface shines with perfection.

Brookfield, WI, stands as a hub of innovative concrete solutions, and these companies are testament to the city’s commitment to quality and creativity. The future of concrete contracting shines brightly with these industry leaders guiding the way.

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