The Beating Heart of Senior Care in Fayetteville, WV: A Closer Look at Leading Nursing Homes

August 16, 2023

Fayette Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Fayette Nursing & Rehabilitation Center focuses on comprehensive nursing home services. Specialized programs and a dedicated staff ensure residents receive the utmost care.

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Fayette Continuous Care Center

This facility offers a wide range of services, from rehabilitation centers to convalescent homes. The center aims to cater to various conditions that elderly patients might suffer from, ensuring that every individual’s unique needs are met.

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Sheltering Arms Incorporated

A multi-faceted organization, Sheltering Arms offers everything from assisted living facilities to real estate rental and leasing for seniors. It is a comprehensive service that spans various aspects of senior living and care.

Amedisys Home Health of West Virginia

A leader in home health care services, Amedisys provides hospice care alongside general home health care. Their services are designed to bring comfort and medical expertise straight to patients’ homes.

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Genesis HealthCare Hidden Valley Center

Genesis HealthCare Hidden Valley Center is a renowned institution for public health, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation therapy. Their communication and public safety programs are top-notch.

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Kate Boone Incorporated

Operating in the realms of both elderly care and real estate, Kate Boone Incorporated manages a range of facilities from assisted living to apartment and home rentals.

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Genesis HealthCare Ansted Center

This institution is a leader in healthcare administration and offers services for nursing home care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation therapy.

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Willowbay provides a comprehensive offering of retirement and assisted living facilities, focusing on long-term care, residential care facilities, and real estate services for seniors.

Genesis HealthCare Hilltop Center

Specializing in nursing home care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation therapy, this center provides residents with a comprehensive and compassionate environment.

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Willow Hill Inn

This retirement community places an emphasis on residential care facilities and retirement housing, providing a warm, comfortable environment for seniors to enjoy their later years.

Bayberry Retirement Inn

Offering a wide range of services and accommodations, the Bayberry Retirement Inn focuses on providing quality and affordable senior housing, from basic housing to assisted living care.

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Genesis HealthCare Pine Lodge

Dedicated to quality nursing home care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation therapy, Pine Lodge represents one of Genesis HealthCare’s leading centers in West Virginia.

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Harper Mills

As a recognized rehabilitation center, Harper Mills offers both nursing home care and physical therapy services, committed to helping patients reach their highest potential.

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Professional Pharmacy

Focused on diabetic services and therapy conditions, Professional Pharmacy ensures that residents in need of specialized medications receive timely and appropriate care.

Oasis Pain Management

A leading provider of comprehensive health care services, Oasis Pain Management specializes in a variety of therapies and treatments for numerous conditions.

This article provides an overview of the diverse and essential nursing homes and senior care facilities in Fayetteville, WV. From comprehensive medical services to comfortable residential living options, these establishments illustrate the town’s commitment to providing exceptional care for its senior citizens.

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