The Automotive Parts Giants of Coshocton, Ohio: A Deep Dive into the Heart of the Auto Parts Industry

June 23, 2023

Advance Auto Parts

At 329 S 2nd St, Coshocton, you’ll find one of the nation’s leading auto parts retailers, Advance Auto Parts. Stocking everything from new and remanufactured automotive parts to maintenance items and accessories for all makes and models, this company is a one-stop-shop for all your auto needs.

Jeff Drennen Ford Parts

Over at Jeff Drennen Ford Parts, they cater to a variety of auto part needs. Although the company does not provide an official description, their commitment to the auto parts and accessories category indicates their dedication to the industry.

AutoZone Auto Parts

AutoZone Auto Parts, another nationwide retailer, offers a wide array of auto parts, from new and remanufactured hard parts to maintenance items and car accessories. They are committed to serving the local community of Coshocton with top-tier customer service.

TLG Distributors

As an auto parts store, TLG Distributors contributes to Coshocton’s auto parts scene. Their official description remains undisclosed, but they continue to contribute to the auto parts market.

Tye Twarog Racing LLC

Tye Twarog Racing LLC is another local auto parts store making waves in the industry. They keep their operations under wraps, but their dedication to the industry is palpable.

Mullett Tire Service

Mullett Tire Service is a versatile business specializing in a wide range of automotive products and services. From tire sales to auto accessories and parts, they cater to a wide range of needs. You can visit them at

Advantage Tire & Audio

Next up, Advantage Tire & Audio continues to contribute to the Coshocton auto parts industry, offering a selection of automotive parts and accessories.

Hilltop Salvage & Sales Incorporated

Hilltop Salvage & Sales Incorporated is a unique player in the Coshocton scene, offering not only new parts but also used and rebuilt parts.

Kehls Body Shop

With no official website, Kehls Body Shop stands out with its wide range of services including automotive body repair, customizing, and a variety of auto parts.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Nationwide retailer O’Reilly Auto Parts also has a presence in Coshocton, offering a vast array of auto parts.

NAPA Auto Parts – GKM Auto Parts Inc

NAPA Auto Parts has been serving America’s growing need for an effective auto parts distribution system for many years, and their Coshocton location is no exception.

Classic Auto Supply Co

For the classic car enthusiast, Classic Auto Supply Co is the place to go. They specialize in restoration services and parts for vintage vehicles.

Shriver Tire Service

Over at Shriver Tire Service, they offer a broad spectrum of services including tire sales, auto accessories, and auto parts.

Nelsons Auto Wrecking

Nelsons Auto Wrecking provides not just auto parts, but also towing services and auto recycling. They play a crucial role in Coshocton’s automotive ecosystem despite not having an official website.

Ford Service

Finally, Ford Service provides auto repair services along with a range of auto parts, contributing to Coshocton’s vibrant automotive parts industry.

Coshocton, Ohio is a hub for the automotive parts industry, hosting a range of businesses that serve both the local community and a wider national clientele. The presence of these companies in this quaint town underlines the importance and vitality of the automotive parts industry across the nation.

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