The Agricultural Heartbeat of Cottonwood, ID: An Exploration of Leading Farm Companies

September 5, 2023

Cottonwood, Idaho, is more than just a picturesque rural community. It’s a bustling hub of farming activity that keeps Idaho—and the nation—fed, clothed, and thriving. From livestock auctions to cutting-edge agtech, we delve into some of the most noteworthy companies making a difference in the Cottonwood area.

Mecra Farms

Categories: Farm
Mecra Farms is a name that resonates with farming tradition in Cottonwood. While not much public information is available, its reputation in the farming community speaks for itself.

Jungert Hereford Branch

Categories: Farm
Known for their quality livestock, Jungert Hereford Branch is another quiet but influential player in Cottonwood’s agricultural scene.

Rad Farm & Chemical Inc

Categories: Farm
Focused on advanced agricultural solutions, Rad Farm & Chemical Inc is at the forefront of integrating technology and farming to maximize productivity and sustainability.

Cottonwood Livestock Auction

Categories: Livestock Breeder, Auction House, Farm Equipment Supplier, Agricultural Service
Cottonwood Livestock Auction serves as a vital platform for livestock trading, farm equipment sales, and agricultural services. Its multi-faceted operations make it a cornerstone in the local farming community.

Columbiagrain International

Categories: Dealers, Supply Dealers, Supplies, and many more
Columbiagrain International is a major player in the agriculture business, offering everything from grain elevators to animal feed. Their wide-ranging services establish them as a one-stop-shop for farm needs.

AgWest Farm Credit

Categories: Finance Company, Mortgage Lender, Insurance Agency, Agricultural Service
Description: AgWest Farm Credit provides an array of financial solutions to help farmers and ranchers grow. As a member-owned financial cooperative, they champion the values of rural communities.

Northwest Farm Credit Services

Categories: Service, Loans, credit, Debt, Personal, Personal Loans, Personal Financial Services, Credit & Debt Counseling Services
Another financial powerhouse, Northwest Farm Credit Services, focuses on providing essential credit and debt counseling services to local farmers.

Greenco Inc

Categories: Farm, Crops, Agricultural Production, General Farms, Primarily Crop, Agricultural Production Crops
Greenco Inc specializes in crop production, serving as an essential player in the agricultural supply chain in Cottonwood.

Tolo Lake Farms

Categories: Farm
Tolo Lake Farms holds its own as a local farming venture, contributing to the vibrant agricultural community in the area.

Jim Zenner Farms

Categories: Farm, Crops, Agricultural Production, General Farms, Primarily Crop, Agricultural Production Crops
Like Greenco Inc, Jim Zenner Farms is another key contributor to Cottonwood’s crop production sector.

Wissink Heritage Farm

Website: Facebook Page
Categories: Farm
For those interested in traditional farming methods and heritage, Wissink Heritage Farm offers a back-to-basics approach to agriculture.

McNamee Colt Co.

Categories: Farm
This farm specializes in equine care and breeding, offering another layer of diversity to Cottonwood’s farming community.

Martin G Agee Farm

Categories: Farm
Martin G Agee Farm adds to the portfolio of Cottonwood’s rich agricultural sector, though specific details remain a community secret.

Ch Farm & Ranch Supply

Categories: Farm
Focusing on horse supplements, Ch Farm & Ranch Supply offers niche but crucial services to the farming community.

Whether you are a farmer, an investor, or an enthusiast, Cottonwood’s diverse range of farming companies offers something for everyone. These enterprises aren’t just businesses; they are the heartbeat of a community deeply rooted in agriculture.

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