The Agricultural Giants of Britt: Innovating the Landscape of Farming Services

July 15, 2023

Landus Cooperative

Landus Cooperative holds a prominent position in the agricultural service industry in Britt, Iowa. Although a detailed company description is not available, their categorization as an agricultural service implies their crucial role in aiding farming operations, potentially providing resources, advice, and other assistance to farmers.

Marting Manufacturing of IA

The next contender is Marting Manufacturing of IA, a one-stop destination for comprehensive cattle and hog feeding, penning, and management solutions. The Smidley product line offered by the company covers a range of categories including farming, livestock handling, and agricultural supplies, among others.

Boekelman Grain Equipment

Boekelman Grain Equipment, categorized under farming and agricultural service, is another important player. Despite the lack of a description or website, their work in grain equipment presumably makes them an indispensable part of the agricultural community in Britt.

Wellik-Dewitt Implement Incorporated

As an agricultural service provider and manufacturer of farm equipment and outdoor power equipment, Wellik-Dewitt Implement Incorporated significantly impacts the farming industry. They specialize in various farm equipment service, repair, and manufacturing, contributing to the efficiency of farming processes.

Britt Seed Co

This agricultural cooperative, Britt Seed Co, is likely a critical contributor to the farming community, probably offering a variety of seeds to farmers. Although lacking a description or a website, their designation as an agricultural cooperative indicates a farmer-focused mission.

Global Processing

Global Processing, while not having a provided description, falls under the agricultural service category, making them a vital part of the farming landscape in Britt.


The company Gramm, although lacking a detailed description or identified categories, presumably plays a unique role within the Britt, IA agricultural services industry.

AG Vantage FS

AG Vantage FS offers a wide array of products and services to their farmer-owners. From feed and gasoline to seeds and farming tools, AG Vantage FS has everything covered. Their cooperative model ensures that they prioritize the needs of the farming community.

North Iowa Grain Equipment Co

North Iowa Grain Equipment Co, an agricultural services company, serves various needs of the farming community, including grain storage, moving, and manufacturing. They also offer a wide range of farm equipment and parts, aiding the farming operations in Britt.

Malek’s Lawn &Tree Service

Malek’s Lawn &Tree Service provides valuable services for both landscape and agricultural purposes. From tree cutting to managing landscapes, Malek’s Lawn &Tree Service is an integral part of Britt’s agricultural services sector.

MaxYield Cooperative

MaxYield Cooperative, another prominent agricultural cooperative, presumably offers diverse services to the farming community, though a detailed description is not available.

Pringnitz Custom

Pringnitz Custom’s service offerings remain unspecified. However, their inclusion in this list suggests a significant contribution to Britt’s agricultural scene.

Corwith Farm Service

Corwith Farm Service is an agricultural service provider that also functions as a supermarket and grocery store. They also offer animal feed and agricultural equipment, providing comprehensive services to local farmers.

North Iowa Professional Computer Solutions

North Iowa Professional Computer Solutions, although an unconventional name in this list, suggests that they may offer tech-driven solutions to cater to the evolving needs of modern farming.

K.C. Nielsen Ltd

K.C. Nielsen Ltd serves the agricultural community with a vast selection of new and pre-owned inventory. As an authorized John Deere dealership, they offer agricultural, residential, commercial, and construction equipment.

These agricultural services companies are collectively fueling the industry’s growth in Britt, IA, providing diverse resources and services necessary for efficient and successful farming operations. Their contributions are making Britt a significant player in the agricultural services industry.

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