Sustainable Innovations In The World Of Sports: The Top 8

October 4, 2022
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If we want to improve the quality of the environment in which we live, we can only do so by involving everyone. It also refers to the world of sport.

Since the publication of the International Olympic Committee’s guide, the business models and strategic planning of international sports organizations have increasingly focused on sustainability. US Green Technology explores the benefits of the “green revolution” in sports and proposes six solutions to make sports venues more sustainable: from using renewable energy such as wind and solar, to building modular, practical and easy-to-assemble systems, from creating LED indoor lighting systems, to improving heating and cooling systems, to recycling energy shared among existing equipment and developing integrated management systems.

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Sport and sustainability

Sport and sustainability go hand in hand and are constantly intertwined in their development.

The ‘sustainable revolution’ has also reached the world of soccer, and in stadiums: the Financial Times examines the issue through a project by the English team Forest Green Rovers, which aims to build the world’s most ecological stadium by 2025, built almost entirely of wood. In the field of American soccer, Green Biz takes an in-depth look at the Philadelphia Eagles: the professional club of the National Soccer League has chosen to use on-site renewable energy generation through the installation of more than 11 thousand solar panels and 14 wind turbines placed in the upper part of the stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, generating one third of the total energy of the entire facility.

Fortunately, throughout the “sporting” world, attention is being paid to sustainability, which inevitably goes hand in hand with well-being, including surfing: with the aim of minimizing pollution of the “ocean”, the latest generation boards are increasingly environmentally friendly: one was made from softboard, which is almost 100% recycled plastic waste. Columbia Climate School, Columbia College’s climate research school, focuses on tennis and points to Triniti balls: It is the first ecological and high-performance tennis ball in the world, made with an innovative rubber core that does not require compressed air. This means that the ball in question can bounce four times longer than normal balls.

So here are the 8 most innovative green initiatives in the world of sports:

1. Wood used as material for the construction of a soccer stadium;

2. Solar panels and wind turbines used as energy sources for American football stadiums;

3. A surfboard made entirely from recycled plastic bottles;

4. An environmentally friendly, high-performance tennis ball that is free of compressed air;

5. A technology based on the use of carbon dioxide for the construction of an Olympic field hockey field;

6. Fishing nets that are upgraded as volleyball nets;

7. A basketball court made entirely of recycled shoes;

8. A cricket bat developed from bamboo sticks.

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