Survey Says Employers Are Giving Priority To Employee Mental Health And Well-being

May 12, 2023
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According to survey results, 2 out of 3 or 67% of US employers plan to focus on mental health and emotional well-being as one of the top three priorities in the next 3 years. The study results also indicated that employers intend to triple mental health days from 9% to 30% in the next two years. The figures indicate a shift in workplace wellbeing that could potentially reverse the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon and the Great Resignation trend.

Good Health and Wellbeing

Mental and physical health are correlated. There are factors that link mental conditions to physical health and vice-versa. Both affect how a worker performs and their overall quality of life. At the workplace, employers aim to improve the environment of their employees by offering a safe and healthy space. For example, adjustable desk heights make it easy for employee to avoid being in the same position reducing the chances of lower back pain. Ergonomics plays a role in reducing injuries and providing a safe and efficient space for workers to improve comfort and productivity.

Another strategy is to encourage workers to get up and leave their desks. By offering group wellness exercises such as yoga and hiking, employees are motivated to get physically fit. Team building activities can also be centered on physical movement hitting two birds with one stone. It reaffirms that mental health and well-being programs support better overall health.

Enhancement of Productivity, Engagement, and Retention

The senior director of Willis Towers Watson (WTW) says that the pandemic took a horrible toll on the lives of employees worsening mental conditions. Although it has started to fade away, mental health challenges persist. Therefore, bringing health programs to the next level won’t be easy. However, employers who succeed will see positive results such as increased productivity, higher engagement rates, and better retention.

Around 88% of survey respondents indicate that they have begun executing measures to tackle mental health concerns. For instance, telehealth and virtual mental health services were launched. In addition, employers are growing their workplace mental health offerings to include mental health education and training for managers and leaders. All in all, employers are redesigning work to keep a healthy and productive workforce.

While much work still needs to be done at the workplace, companies and their leaders recognize that employee well-being is vital for better business outcomes. A worker-centric culture considers the growth and success of each team member that will also improve productivity and bottom lines.

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