Startups Revamping The Gambling Industry

December 20, 2022
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A few industries in the world are growing at the speed of the American gambling Industry. Its current market value is estimated at a whopping $59 billion, and this figure is speculated to increase to $93 billion the following year. That’s how crazy the growth of this industry is. Sports betting sites and casinos have given people an escape from the hustle and bustle of life as well as the power to predict the future outcome of events.

Presently, certain startup betting companies are setting new trends that are gradually taking shape and changing the industry. If you want reliable information on popular and promising casinos and sports betting platforms in the US, is your best choice. What startups are taking the gambling industry by storm? Let’s get to meet these casinos and the trends they’re pioneering.


This startup is a Tennessee-based company. This state has a significant market value for sports betting (more than $205 million). As bookmaking businesses gained more freedom with the enactment of friendly government policies, the market grew. This startup was founded by a couple of Harvard Business School students – Mario Malavé and Eliana Eskinazi who were devout sports fans but didn’t want to be described as gamblers.

This reluctance birthed their creative side, and they launched Wagr, a social-oriented sports betting platform. This company is different from other existing companies. While others create a platform where their customers bet against the house on sports fixtures and events, Wagr’s clients get to bet against their social network – family, friends, and other players. In other words, Wagr pioneered peer-to-peer gambling.

This experience rectifies a lot of pain points for customers because it helps peers decide which game to gamble on and come to terms with the odds. This platform also ensures payments of winnings won’t become an issue. You don’t have to go through the unpleasant experience of following up on pals who refuse to pay up on a wager they lost. The system handles the movement of the money by pre-funding the bet and paying the winner.

The unique thing about Wagr is not the money they make from their clients but the social engagement they foster between their customers and the novel gambling experience they offer. The company also gives its players options to set limits on their betting, deposits, and time to help them play responsibly.

Ignition Casino

We have bettors whose first love was casinos, where they can play online slots real money USA on the other side of the gambling industry. The Ignition Casino offers mouth-watering perks to its customers, including more than 250 slots, which offers its players limitless options to gamble on, a 24/7 payout system to make withdrawals accessible every time of the day, and a 150% casino bonus, which is just outrageous.

This casino also gives users an option to make deposits in cryptocurrency, plus they get extra bonuses for every deposit in crypto. They allow Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, USDT, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Entertainment offered by Ignition includes virtual sports, poker, roulette, and blackjack. The juicy benefits enjoyed by crypto users are meant to motivate more players to adopt this currency for deposits and withdrawals.


This platform stands out for one unique reason – it aims to leverage the increased participation of women in sports betting and the casino industry in general. Chalkboard targets female gamblers and seeks to foster a social community with its services and offerings. It bears some resemblance to Wagr, which also serves as a gaming and social platform with its p2p betting feature.

This startup is based in San Francisco. This platform enables players to check the scores of sports fixtures, connect with others via group chats, and track the games they play. Participants can submit bet slips to follow up on their progress on their profile or in group chats. Another attractive perk is that every significant sporting fixture has consensus betting odds. Finally, Chalkboard lets its players know which of their friends has the best unit count and win percentage.


This platform is best known for being one of the major pushers of micro-betting, an exciting trend in the gambling industry. It launched in New York in January 2022. Micro-betting entails opportunities that cover every detail of a sports event or fixture. This is a significant shift from the initial options that were all about the match’s outcome – win, lose, or draw.

With FanDuel, players can now stake their money on other details. For instance, in a soccer match, participants can now stake money on the number of goals from one team and the total, the first-half result, the number of goals in the first half, corner kicks, players to score, the team to score first, and so many more. This brings a whole new level of excitement to sports betting.


It’s safe to say that the gambling industry is booming, and some startups are making waves with their innovative offerings. Players have endless options from Wagr’s p2p platform to FanDuel’s micro-betting model. Whether you’re looking to make a few extra bucks or just having a fun night in, it’s worth exploring the various options available today.

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