Spotlighting Innovative Software Startups from Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

January 27, 2024

As the rising center of technological innovation in the US, Cambridge Massachusetts is a breeding ground for exciting and high-value startups. Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic year, 2020 brought a surge of digital technological advancements including Software and SaaS solutions to help businesses adapt to a new normal. This new norm resulted in the birth of some promising and revolutionary startups – a testament to the resilience of the entrepreneurial spirit in less than ideal circumstances. From virtual event solutions to high-tech AI applications, here are ten of Cambridge’s most promising Software startups, founded in 2020 or later.


Goldcast specializes in creating virtual events platforms that stand out, providing businesses a digital event hub that’s high on interaction. Founded by Aashish Srinivas, Kishore Kothandaraman, and Palash Soni, Goldcast’s platforms enable organizations to host client summits, workshops, product launches, and more, delivering excellent metrics for measuring ROI. With customer satisfaction in their hearts, Goldcast is indeed living their mission of creating amazing event experiences for enterprises. Check out more from them on their social handles Goldcast on Twitter, Goldcast on Facebook and Goldcast on LinkedIn.


Applying AI solutions for national security and digital health transformations, BelleTorus takes the business of AI seriously. Founded by Jonathan Lowe, Matthew Gloss, Sylvain Dal-Mas, and Thomas Fontaine, BelleTorus is a fast-growing team of professionals committed to providing advanced modeling and risk mitigation strategies. To follow their progress and updates, go over to their LinkedIn page.

Common Sense Machines

Artificial Intelligence has never been more interesting than with Common Sense Machines. Founders Josh Tenenbaum, Max Kleiman-Weiner, Tejas Kulkarni, and Vikash Mansinghka have developed AI technology that translates the world into a 3D simulation. Their Real-to-Sim-to-Real platform allows for the flexibility of human-like learning teamed with the speed and accuracy of machines. The company’s presence can also be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Working towards improved healthcare and life sciences research, Quantori offers digital IT services and data science expertise for these sectors. Founder Richard Golob and his team have created innovative technological systems, apps, and infrastructures that expedite medication discovery and enhance patient outcomes. Catch up on their journey on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

PERKS Showcase™

Emphasizing people-first approaches, PERKS Showcase™ assists HR teams in engaging their employees with benefits and experiences. Their platform, Showcase™, empowers HR teams to effectively market benefits to employees, creating an employee-centric culture. Founder Alexa Baggio’s dedicated efforts help employers find the right benefits, connect them with employees, and measure their success.


Fostering online social interaction, Lipoker allows individuals to play poker through their browsers. Founders Aayush Gupta, Archer Wang, Dmitri Brereton, and Yvonne Chen designed an easy-to-use system allowing quick payouts, making it accessible to beginners and regular players alike.


Designed to ease consumer subscriptions, ScribeUp’s chrome plugin lets users sign up for free subscription trials without using a credit card. Links to their social media can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Paving the way for advances in 3D data, Candelytics partners with the Navy Information Warfare Center’s (NIWC) research lab to create comprehensive 3D data analytics from LIDAR-based technology. They are active on LinkedIn.


Shaped as a big data visualization and exploration platform, Hopara assists businesses in focusing their business intelligence and machine learning pursuits. Founded by Ken Smith, Hopara navigates businesses towards improved results. More about them can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

EmTech Care Labs

EmTech Care Labs focuses on improving the lives of seniors through technology. Founded by Aarabi Balasubramanian, they use technology to drive proactive caregiving and address the evolving care needs of seniors. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Entrepreneurs needing to streamline their startup efforts can turn to BizBuilder. Their daily task management system helps entrepreneurs launch successful startups by keeping their eye on what’s important. Updates can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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