Spotlight on US-Based New Advice Sector Startups Revolutionizing the Industry

December 18, 2023

As we shift further into the digital era, the need for innovative and tailored solutions in a variety of industries becomes even greater. Certain companies have risen to meet these demands; specifically, startups established in 2020 or later that strive to serve their communities with personalized advice. Given their short time in operation, the startups featured in this series have demonstrated an impressive ability to understand their sectors, overcome obstacles and leverage technology to provide exceptional services. These startups are predominantly based in the United States, spanning across several sectors including finance, real estate, consulting and tech.

These startups provide an essential service to help individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of their respective industries. Whether it’s financial advice, real estate guidance, business consulting services, or cybersecurity, these companies have shown incredible ingenuity and a commitment to excellence. They’re serving individuals and businesses across America, and this article aims to highlight the contributions they are making in their respective industries.

With headquarters scattered across the US, these startups are not confined to traditional tech centers. They exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit that has defined America’s private sector. Here, we feature startups from a multitude of backgrounds, from New York to Washington, Dallas to Chicago, and beyond. Each start-up has a story that capture the American Dream – from a vision, to an idea, to a thriving business.

Opto Investments

Based in New York, Opto Investments provides a comprehensive solution for independent investment advisors to connect with private market investments. Conceived by founders Jacob Miller, Joe Lonsdale, Mark Machin, and Matt Reed, this business is making its mark in the advice, asset management, and fintech industries. You can learn more about Opto Investments via their LinkedIn page.


Another startup from New York is Percapita, a financial services company that emphasizes financial wellness for everyday individuals and communities. Founder Alex Ehrlich believes that by focusing on individual financial needs and aspirations, a meaningful impact can be made. Percapita’s work spans across advice, consulting, and financial services industries. They can be followed on their LinkedIn platform.

Pinnacle Realty Advisors

Venturing into Texas, Pinnacle Realty Advisors was initiated by Brent Porter, offering real estate services including brokerage, property sales, and rentals. Pinnacle Realty Advisors is not just focused on advice but also spans into the real estate, rental, and residential sectors. Notably, they are active on Facebook and LinkedIn, besides their active twitter handle@pinnacle_ra.


At EngineBI we believe that financial decision making takes more than just seeing the numbers in a spreadsheet. That’s why we give you software that clarifies your past financial choices and helps unlock your ability to make smarter decisions for your business’ future, and growth. We believe data driven decision making is the future of smart financial planning, and we make it easy for you to make the right choices. EngineBI empowers you to make smarter decisions by enabling a holistic approach to finances. Be sure to check their LinkedIn and website.


Based in Seattle, Batten aims to empower consumers to practice responsible security and safety protocols. Founded by Alex Stroud, Jake Johnson, and Patrick Robinson, Batten provides a one-stop-shop for non-biased security product recommendations. Also, it is very active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


On the West Coast, San Francisco hosts Ladder, the professional community platform for the next generation to grow their careers together. Founded by Akshaya Dinesh and Andrew Tan, Ladder inspires meaningful relationships with peers and mentors in various professional networks. Find out more about Ladder on their LinkedIn or follow their Twitter feed.

LSX Capital Management

Offering custom life settlement portfolios from Pompano Beach, Florida, LSX Capital Management caters to clients seeking diversification through this non-correlated asset class. It was founded in 2020 by Aaron David Glasser and Darren Biehler. To find out more, visit their LinkedIn page.

Tnt Ventures

Based in Oakland, California, Tnt Ventures focuses on financial services and impact investing. Its work is particularly interesting to follow on their LinkedIn profile or their twitter handle@tnt_ventures.


With a firm base in New York, GreenPortfolio aims to guide consumers in the advice, clean energy and personal finance sectors. Initiated by founders Bonnie Gurry and Elizabeth Landau, they can be followed on Facebook, @LinkedIn as well as in @Twitter.


From New Jersey, Credello seeks to simplify the financial decision-making process for users. Founded by Anwesha Mazumdar and Vish Sastry Rachakonda, Credello offers personalized financial solutions, ensuring that financial decisions can be made with ease and confidence. Keep up-to-date with them on Facebook and @Twitter.

Financial Match

Last but not least, from the scenic city of Sheridan, Wyoming, Financial Match provides expert advice in the financial services industry. A glance through their Facebook, LinkedIn or their twitter handle @Matthew80306323 might provide interesting insights into their business.

These startups are the embodiment of American entrepreneurship and innovation. Despite the many challenges that came with 2020, these companies pivoted and adapted to their respective markets, providing critical services during an unprecedented time. With their drive and ambition, these startups are set to lead the way in their sectors, ultimately transforming the way business is done in the digital age.

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