Spotlight on US-Based Consulting Startups Rooted in Austin, Texas

January 29, 2024

As the vibrant hub for startups in the southern United States, Austin, Texas has become home to an array of young companies making their mark within the Consulting industry. In this feature, we spotlight several startups – all born in 2020 or later – which are creating waves in their respective sectors. Ranging from Business Development to IT, Software Engineering and Environmental Consulting, these enterprises are testament to the growth and innovation evident in the city of Austin.

The relatively new startup ecosystem in Austin brings much to the table. It presents a blend of innovation, modernism and economic vitality that is scarcely seen elsewhere. It is exceptionally welcoming to new businesses with an availability of venture capital, entrepreneurial culture, and a nurturing business climate. With more companies emerging in the consulting sector, Austin’s economic landscape is diversifying and offering expansive opportunities to entrepreneurs.

In this article, we will walk through the journeys of these promising startups, exploring their unique offerings, goals, and growth strategies that set them apart. From accelerating startups to transforming businesses through innovative digital solutions, these startups are pushing boundaries and redefining success in the world of consulting.


Founded by Andrew Ryan, Astralabs is an accelerator committed to launching, acquiring, and scaling startups to success. Their mission is to build a diverse startup portfolio. Astralabs operates in the fields of Business Development, Consulting, and Financial Services, clicking on the link above will take you to their website.

Cargo Produce

Cargo Produce is a platform for import and export management systems. Experienced in Consulting, Information Services, and Information Technology, navigate to their website by clicking on the company name above.

Divelement Web Services

Divelement Web Services, founded by Adriana Hinojosa Varela and Eddie Hudson, provides nearshore engineering services aimed at transforming and empowering businesses through extraordinary digital experiences and modern technology.


Veseris, operating in the fields of Consumer Goods, Environmental Consulting and Professional Services, aims to redefine conventional business approaches.

Thrive HR Consulting

Thrive HR Consulting provides diverse services such as business planning, HR support, executive services, careers, and OrgVitals. Specializing in a broad spectrum of HR aspects, they play an integral role in transforming HR performance for organizations.

Infinite Ranges

Founded by Ange Mitchell, Infinite Ranges is a consulting firm specializing in Cybersecurity and Information Technology. Visit their website by clicking the company name above.


PrimePro, founded by Rituparna Roychoudhury, offers services in Management Consulting and Software Engineering.


Lily Cabrera started Wellmarkt, an online marketplace built to connect SME coaches with their clients. It specializes in coaching, mental wellness, leadership development, DEI, Well-Being, and mindfulness.


Uplevyl stands out for its dedication to the cause of women’s advancement, providing advice and consultation. Check out their website by clicking on the title above.

Rocket Digital Health

Founded by Cameron Jacox, Rocket Digital Health is revolutionizing the way Startups Scale into Digital Health Companies.

Fountech Ventures

Fountech Ventures, encompassing expertise in Consulting, Finance, and Financial Services, is enhancing the conventional venture capital space.

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