Spotlight on Social Services: Pioneering Organizations in Council Bluffs, IA

July 21, 2023

The Salvation Army

Categories: Social services organization, Church, Religious Organizations, Charity Organization, Charity Shops

The Salvation Army, a long-standing pillar of service and spirituality, combines charitable outreach with its religious teachings to uplift countless lives.

Iowa State – Human Services, Fip Food Stamps Medicaid

Categories: Organizations, Community, Service Organizations, Community Services, Social & Human Services, Social Services Organization

Ensuring the well-being of Iowa’s citizens, this organization offers a comprehensive range of services to assist the community, from food stamps to Medicaid.

Elks Lodge

Categories: (A vast variety including Nonprofit Organization, Fraternal organization, Sports, Elks Lodge, Veterans & Military Organizations, etc.)

The Elks Lodge, more than just a recreational hub, plays a key role in community engagement, youth development, and support for veterans, all under one roof.

Inter-Faith Response Incorporated

Categories: Social services organization, Welfare Organizations, Local Business, Community Care, Social Care

A collective effort of various faiths, Inter-Faith Response Incorporated promotes unity and understanding while extending social care services.

League of Human Dignity

Categories: Social services organization

Championing the cause of human rights and dignity, this organization strives for inclusivity and empowerment in all its endeavors.

Adult Children & Family Service

Categories: Social services organization

Focused on family welfare, the Adult Children & Family Service ensures that every family member, young or old, gets the necessary support.

The Community Supports Network, Inc.

Categories: Social services organization

Strengthening the social fabric, The Community Supports Network provides a foundation of services to uphold the well-being of Council Bluffs’ residents.

Birthright Council Bluffs

Categories: Non-Profit Organization, Pregnancy Care Center, Adoption Support, Prenatal Care Support

Birthright stands as a beacon of hope and support for expectant mothers, ensuring they receive the love, care, and resources they need during their pregnancy journey.

Health Dept-Wic Program

Categories: Social services organization, Administration of Human Resource Programs

This initiative aims at safeguarding public health, offering services that range from nutrition guidance to broader human resource support.

Saint John Lutheran

Categories: Church, Social Services Organization, Religious Organization
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Merging spiritual guidance with community outreach, Saint John Lutheran serves both the soul and society.

Community Housing Investment Corporation

Categories: Social services organization, Real Estate Developers, Local Business, Financial Planning
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Building more than just homes, this corporation invests in the community’s future, ensuring that everyone has a place to call home.

Us Community Action

Categories: Social Services Organization, Administration of Social Programs
(No Website Available)

With a holistic approach to community development, US Community Action delves deep into ensuring everyone gets a fair chance at progress.


Categories: Community Organization, Social Service, Community Organizations

As the name suggests, FAMILY, Inc centers its mission around the family unit, aiming to foster strong, thriving families within the community.

American Legion

Categories: Nonprofit Organization, Veterans Organizations, Military Organizations

A tribute and support system for the brave, the American Legion dedicates itself to assisting veterans and fostering patriotism.

Bethany Lutheran Home

Categories: Service, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Nonprofit Organization, Alzheimer’s Referral Services

Catering to the elderly, Bethany Lutheran Home offers a compassionate environment for senior citizens, ensuring they live their golden years with grace.

Council Bluffs, IA, stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives, with organizations that touch every aspect of life. Whether offering spiritual guidance, supporting families, or assisting the elderly, these institutions ensure that every resident thrives.

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