Spotlight on Social Care: Bristol, RI’s Pioneers in Service

July 22, 2023

Benjamin Church Senior Center Incorporated

  • Website:
  • Key Services: Senior Centers, Community Services, Social Care, Nonprofit Organizations

Focusing on senior citizens within the community, this center offers a range of social services, ensuring senior residents remain actively involved in community life.

Franklin Court Independent Living

  • Website:
  • Key Services: Residential Care, Apartment Rentals, Social Services

A haven for senior citizens looking for a blend of independence and community living, Franklin Court offers apartment rentals coupled with essential social care services.

Benjamin Church Manor

Nestled within a church setting, the manor offers comprehensive services, catering to the unique needs of senior citizens.

Life Inc

  • Website:
  • Key Services: Disability Services, Residential Care, Community Organizations

A beacon for individuals with disabilities, Life Inc. ensures that every resident has access to essential social services, fostering a supportive community environment.

North Farm Homeowners Association

  • Website:
  • Key Services: Condominium Complex, Business Services, Community Organizations

An epitome of community living, North Farm brings together residents in a cohesive environment, offering services spanning from business to community interactions.

Franklin Court Assisted Living

  • Website:
  • Key Services: Assisted Living Facilities, Elderly Care, Residential Care

Catering to those in need of a little extra care, Franklin Court ensures residents have access to medical services, comfortable living conditions, and social engagement.

East Bay Community Development Corporation

  • Website:
  • Key Services: Residential Care Facilities, Community Services, Social Care

A nod to Bristol’s community development efforts, East Bay is at the forefront of providing essential community and social services.

Portuguese Independent Band Club

Celebrating Portuguese heritage and culture, this club offers community services while promoting unity and understanding among its members.

Rockwell Afterschool Program

  • Key Services: Child Day Care Services, Social Services

A safe haven for children after school hours, Rockwell ensures children are engaged, cared for, and enriched through various activities.

Jiskoot Wendela r

  • Key Services: Mental Health Services, Counseling & Mental Health, Social Workers

An essential support system for those seeking mental health services, Jiskoot Wendela provides a holistic approach to well-being.

Womens Resource Center

  • Website:
  • Key Services: Domestic Violence Support, Mental Health Services, Counseling

A pillar of strength for women in Bristol, the center offers essential services, from counseling to support against domestic abuse.

East Bay Chamber Of Commerce

  • Website:
  • Description: The East Bay Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to improving the economic, industrial, professional, cultural, and civic welfare of our area by preserving the competitive enterprise system of business and by promoting business and community growth and development.

Career Closet

  • Website:
  • Key Services: Employment Agencies, Career & Vocational Counseling, Women’s Clothing

Empowering individuals on their professional journey, Career Closet offers training, employment opportunities, and even attire to ensure success.

Corliss Institute Inc

  • Website:
  • Key Services: Disability Services, Welfare Organizations, Deaf Services

Serving as a vital resource for the disabled community, the Corliss Institute provides unmatched support, services, and care to its residents.

These institutions represent the diverse and vibrant social care landscape in Bristol, Rhode Island. From senior care to community development, Bristol continues to prioritize the well-being and prosperity of its residents.

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