Spotlight on Phoenix-Based US Manufacturing Startups Revolutionizing the Industry

January 27, 2024

Today we spotlight some impressive startups across various subsectors of the manufacturing industry. Despite having emerged as recent as 2020, these startups have defied the odds, demonstrating innovation and resilience. Manufacturing is a fundamental cornerstone of the economy, and the firms we highlight today are contributing towards this pivotal sector in vibrant Phoenix, Arizona. They are diversifying the industry, paving the way for growth, sustainability, and robustness.

The highlighted companies operate in sectors ranging from Automotive, Commercial and Industrial Automation, Hospital Manufacturing, Beauty, Environmental Consulting, to Building Material. This diversity highlights the breadth of the manufacturing sector and reinforces its wide-reaching effect on our everyday lives. These startups create jobs, generate revenue and, more importantly, manufacture the products that make our lives easier.

Phoenix, Arizona is an excellent location for these businesses, with its business-friendly climate and a robust and diverse economic foundation that encourages entrepreneurship. Moreover, the city’s strategic location facilitates trade with California, Texas, Mexico, and utilizes its high-quality transportation system. Let’s dive deeper into who these startups are.

Dirty Bird Concepts

Operating within the intersection of Automotive, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Recreational Vehicles, and Retail, Dirty Bird Concepts is dedicated to innovation and quality. Although the details of the founders are not listed, the company already has a commendable following on its Facebook page.

CMI Group

Specialized in Commercial, Industrial Automation, Machinery Manufacturing, and Product Design, CMI Group offers a host of services such as machined component parts, precision multi-axis machining, prototypes, development programs, advanced manufacturing, assembly and integration services, complex machining, and exotic alloys to name a few. Explore more about the company on their LinkedIn page.


This promising Hospital and Manufacturing industry startup is making waves in Phoenix, Arizona. For updates, follow their Facebook page and their LinkedIn page.

Trio Beauty

Founded by Briana Olson, Trio Beauty operates in the Beauty, Manufacturing, and Shipping sectors, mainly focusing on Beauty Product Manufacturing.

Southwest Environmental Testing

A remarkable startup in the Environmental Consulting, Manufacturing, and Waste Management sectors, Southwest Environmental Testing contributes towards sustainable environmental practices.


A player in the Building Material and Industrial Manufacturing sectors, JoistFA keeps pushing its boundaries. The startup offers steel and girders, design assistance for total project cost optimization, including load zone joist design. Its LinkedIn page offers more information on its activities.

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