Spotlight on New York’s Innovative US-Based Animation Startups

January 3, 2024

Despite the numerous challenges presented by 2020, the year saw the emergence of an exciting breed of startups in the animation industry. From ambitious ventures exploring new frontiers in technology and creativity, to companies breaking boundaries in online marketing, we’ve seen a new wave of enterprises rising to the occasion. Based in the vibrant industrial hub that is New York, these startups are making significant strides in animation, augmented reality, digital media and branding to turn the industry on its head. Here are some of them:


Created by Angus Kneale, Preymaker is a unique amalgamation of creative minds and technological masters. Founded in 2020, they provide exceptional consulting, marketing, and real-time augmented reality solutions. Specializing in animation, their trailblazing approach sets them apart in the industry. Get connected with them through their LinkedIn.

Casablanca Films

Working at the crossroads of animation, video editing, motion capture, and film production, Casablanca Films delivers full film production services. Targeting fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and technology brands, they have been pivotal in curating unique content since their inception in 2020. Stay updated with their work via their LinkedIn.

Mr Sebs

Based in Queens, Mr Sebs is revolutionizing the animation industry. They offer a host of services ranging from editing and sound design to visual effects and animations. Offering hand-drawn and motion graphics animations, Mr Sebs brings an artistic flair to the market research and graphic design arena. Keep in touch with their activities on LinkedIn.


Animation specialists FredFilms, founded by Fred Seibert, have made their own mark in the animation industry. Their relentless pursuit of creativity and innovation is evident in their work, offering cutting-edge animated content. Follow them on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Brands Algo

Brands Algo, a hybrid digital agency, offers an exciting range of services including branding, video animation, search engine optimization, and web development. Employing advanced strategies and design, they help businesses innovate and grow. Connect with them via their LinkedIn.

Fun Society Club

Working in the fields of animation, IT, and technical support, Fun Society Club brings a unique edge to the industry. Keep updated with their work through LinkedIn.


Founded by Emmanuel Hughie, LogoDigitals is a business solution provider, offering services from design to development to marketing solutions. They have made a name for themselves through their comprehensive approach and unique offerings. Stay updated with their activities on LinkedIn, follow them on Facebook and @DigitalsLogo on Twitter.


Pushing the boundaries in 3D Technology and Digital Media, YondoMondo brings an innovative perspective to the animation industry. Follow their latest updates on LinkedIn and their Twitter handle.

In conclusion, despite the unique challenges faced in 2020 and beyond, these startups have shown resilience, ingenuity, and creativity. Through a combination of technological prowess, design intelligence, and an ambition to innovate, these New York-based companies are shaping the future of the animation industry, one frame at a time.

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