Spotlight on New York Based US Community Oriented Startup Innovations

January 30, 2024

In New York’s vast business ecosystem, startups occupy a distinctive niche. They’re the crucibles where new ideas are tested, innovative products are developed, and ground-breaking services are brought to life. The Communities industries have seen an influx of startups who are leveraging technology, innovation, and ingenuity to transform the game. Here’s a look at ten dynamic startups founded in 2020 or later, hailing from the heart of New York.

From membership platforms and social impact platforms to tech solutions and bold health initiatives, these startups are revolutionizing the communities they are embedded in, by creating value, fostering connections, and putting innovation to work. Discover how they’re reshaping the status quo and influencing the future of Communities industries.

Each startup is unique in its vision, operating model, and strategic focus. Yet, all of these startups share a passion to use business as an agent of positive change. Let’s explore these innovative startups and understand the ingenuity at play.


Founded by Charlie Callinan and Dryden Brown, Praxis is a vision of an autonomous city, offering a membership-based platform that enables people to lead healthier, more purposeful lives. Praxis operates in the Communities, Real Estate and Smart Cities domain, striving to attract businesses that will generate jobs and motivate individuals to relocate.


Kambeo is a social impact platform focused on promoting community welfare by making it fun and easy for people to contribute to their communities. Kambeo provides an authentic platform for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to environmental, social, and governance initiatives, and provides digital tools and resources for charities and nonprofits.

Good Charcoal

As its name suggests, Good Charcoal is a producer of charcoal, with a strong focus on helping communities. Founded in 2020, this startup operates in the Communities, Consumer Goods, Industrial and Manufacturing industry.


Founded by James Chaplin, DOWNKORE is a community platform for dancers. It offers an engaging directory of the most famous dancers on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, providing a unique platform for the global dance community.


Launched by Sylvia Lee, Poom empowers bakers to create and maintain one-of-a-kind online home bakeries, encouraging them to sell and gift freshly baked bread and dessert to their neighbors. Poom operates in the Communities, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Marketplace arena, fostering a sense of community amongst bakers and customers.


Founded by Philip Camilleri, FoundersList is a resourceful platform that facilitates connections within the Entrepreneurial + Startup space. It provides a platform for founders to share and exchange valuable information and resources.

Darwin et al.

Darwin et al. is a clinical research and graduate medical education platform. It empowers users to create new research projects, form a team, and turn an idea from inception to publication, insisting on the crucial need for clinical research and evidence-based medicine.

Hi Right Now

Started by Stephen Choi, Hi Right Now is an online community platform that uses a unique 1:1 video bonding experience to bring members together, fostering a sense of unity amongst online community members.

NY Tristate for GERD

The NY Tristate for GERD is a committed community of diaspora members working towards a common developmental goal. They provide invaluable support for communication and public relations activities targeting stakeholders and audiences.

The Self Care Space

The Self Care Space offers mental health support programming, and group discounts for women’s colleges, clubs, and collegiate organizations, aiming to guide women through their difficult times with a gentle hand.

For Women By Women, Period

Making strides in the Communities, Non Profit, Social, and Women’s industry, For Women By Women, Period, provides education and youth programs about menstruation and feminine health for women, aiming to break the stigmatized perceptions surrounding menstruation.

These startups, with their unique concepts and strong sense of purpose, are redefining the communities they operate in. They are an embodiment of the spirit of the entrepreneurial scene in New York, and we can’t wait to see where their journey of innovation and improvement takes them.

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