Spotlight on Minneapolis-Based Software Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 27, 2024

Welcome to our latest series of articles highlighting US startups

In this article, we’re thrilled to showcase startups that have made a mark in the software industry. One location that has been making leaps and bounds in this space is none other than Minneapolis, Minnesota. The companies featured here all have an inception of 2020 or later. What these startups have in common is their innovative approach to technology, a fresh vision, and their location – Minneapolis.

Let’s delve into the unique offerings of each business. From SaaS manufacturing platform to hosted cancellation flows, these startups are transforming the way we approach software solutions in various sectors. Each of these trailblazing startups brings something unique to the table, illustrating the diversity and dynamism of the Minneapolis software startup scene.

Without further ado, here are the Minneapolis-based software startups that are making an impression:


One of the pioneers in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Fulcrum, is a game-changer. With an aim to modernize small and mid-sized production shops, Fulcrum was founded by Yu Sunny Han. It is built to juice up the system through connectivity and automation. Fulcrum’s vision is to create a connected manufacturing supply chain that increases the speed and efficiency of the entire network.


Proactive in its approach against churn, ProsperStack is a hosted cancellation flow that retains existing customers. Founded by Tony Sternberg, the platform customizes questions and interventions to improve subscriber acquisition and retention experiences. ProsperStack is committed to making subscription processes hassle-free for brands.


Founded by Andrew Birkholz, Jennifer Bonine, and Rick Faulise, RedRex is a revolution in the metaverse. The company develops virtual buildings, allowing for easy transitions between remote and in-person collaboration. RedRex shows innovation by monetizing the property through renting, sponsorships, and ticket sales.


Founded by Derrick Reimer, SavvyCal stands out in the software industry with a user-friendly scheduling tool. It simplifies processes for both the sender and the recipient, enhancing overall productivity.

Solar Informatics

Founded by Amber Naqvi, Solar Informatics is working in the Solar sector, offering SaaS and software solutions. More details about their business model and services are yet to come.

Terrier Technologies

Terrier Technologies is a promising venture making strides in the Information Technology and Hardware sector, formulating innovative software solutions.


Leadferno was started by Aaron Weiche and Joel Headley with a focus on the software industry.


Bashir Bashir founded ProInsight, a pioneer in the Consulting industry that offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Software services.


FerskTech is making strides in the Information Technology field, helping Small and Medium Businesses with their software needs.

Vessel Partners

Doug DeBold’s Vessel Partners has put Minneapolis on the map in Analytics, Health Care, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Development sectors.


Inveterate stands out with its SaaS platform, streamlining the interviewing process for Hiring Managers. They enable candidates to give a short video recording, explaining their career background and forward path resulting in efficient recruitment.

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