Spotlight on Los Angeles-Based Medical Startups Transforming U.S. Healthcare

January 27, 2024

Los Angeles, the sprawling Southern California city known for its Hollywood glamour, is also a thriving hub for startups, particularly in the medical industry. As healthcare needs evolve and technology continues to advance, new companies with innovative ideas and solutions are emerging. Startups launched in 2020 onwards have demonstrated exceptional resilience and adaptability, making significant strides amid challenges posed by global events. Here, we explore eleven LA-based medical startups that are meeting the needs of the medical sector head on with promising products and services.

The companies we showcase employ a range of technologies, from artificial intelligence and robotics to more traditional medical services. All are geared towards improving health outcomes, not just for residents of the golden state but for people across the globe. Their areas of work span diagnostics, marketplace solutions, robotic interfaces, therapeutic models, adult care services, healthcare consulting, diagnostics, wellness, nutrition counseling, surrogacy, and synthetic biology.

These companies underscore the far-reaching implications of technological developments in healthcare. They also emphasize the industry’s eagerness to harness these advancements to provide better care and improved health outcomes to patients worldwide. Join us as we venture into the unique world of each of these LA-based medical startups, all of which showcase the city’s vibrant spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the healthcare industry.


Located in Los Angeles, Perimetrics provides a fast, non-invasive diagnostic solution that combines Artificial Intelligence with Quantitative Percussion Diagnostics. A hallmark of their product is its capability to provide pain-free and radiation-free diagnostic services. Connect with Perimetrics on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded in 2020, Oisto is a global medical equipment and products marketplace leveraging innovative technology and AI to facilitate the selling and buying of medical equipment. Find out more about Oisto via their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Ecate was founded in 2020, with its headquarters in LA. The company develops an organo-robotic interface integrating human and machine intelligence. Information about the company can be found on their LinkedIn profile.

Nuanced Health

Nuanced Health is developing therapeutic models focused on biological diversity, making way for more individualized and effective treatment methods. Their updates can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Offering personalized care for adults, MedTruly operates with the aim of preventing hospitalization and re-admissions. They specialize in various areas including obesity, diabetes, and mental health disorders. More on their work can be read on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Saniset provides consulting services in the medical industry. You can view their updates via their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Total Testing Solutions

As the name implies, Total Testing Solutions provide services in the health diagnostics area. Know more about their work on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.


Directcare specializes in mobile IV treatments along with other treatments for diseases like cold and flu. Stay updated with Directcare on their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.

Open Sky Recovery

Open Sky Recovery provides a range of services like case management and nutrition counseling, with a focus on recovery. Keep tabs on them via their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.


Hellobaby offers services related to surrogacy. You can stay updated with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


PurposeBio is a synthetic biology platform focused on creating therapeutic solutions for unmet needs. Feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn.

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