Spotlight on Las Vegas-Based US Startups Transforming Financial Services

January 28, 2024

Las Vegas, often known as the playground for gambling and casino buffs, is also a vibrant city boasting of a thriving Startup ecosystem. The city’s fusion of finance, technology, and entrepreneurship is yielding transformative start-ups, particularly in the Financial services industry. Since 2020, there’s been a surge in startups blending financial services with technology’s power, meeting the evolving needs of consumers and businesses alike. Here’s a look at some promising financial service start-ups from Las Vegas, displaying innovation, resilience, and growth in these uncertain times.

These companies offer a wide variety of financial solutions, securing funding, streamlining transactions, providing advanced checkout solutions, cybersecurity, and much more. They are driven by the mission of making financial processes hassle-free, transparent, and secure utilizing the best of technological advancements. Their solutions range from traditional wealth management to cutting-edge fintech applications, redefining the future of finance.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the exciting world of these Las Vegas-based startups that are bringing unprecedented changes to the financial services industry.


The Banq start-up is making waves in the Financial Services and Fintech industry with its cutting-edge mobile apps. Although the company’s details about its founders and description remains confidential, it is making a name for itself with its innovative financial technology solutions. You can connect with Banq on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Panorama Mortgage Advisors

Panorama Mortgage Advisors offer refinance and purchase loan services. Their underwriting for residential loans complies with appropriate company standards, secondary market investor standards, and all applicable laws. You can connect with the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Forthright Capital Partners

Forthright Capital Partners operates in the Financial Services, Insurance, and Retirement industry. Although details about its founders and description are not available, Forthright Capital Partners is undoubtedly making a mark. Connect with the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

BTC and Crypto

BTC and Crypto operate in the Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, and Trading Platform industry. The company details are sparse, but we can follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Awah Teh, Gerome Sapp, Hector Tantoh, and Matt Hall founded, enabling individuals to invest in sneaker culture. This unique financial services platform operates through ownership of rare sneakers. Find out more about the company on their website, and don’t hesitate to follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Quantum Checkout


unded by Harry Dent and Preston McCue, Quantum Checkout is a SaaS company that provides eCommerce businesses with a pre-built system facilitating the setup and connection of an advanced custom checkout and post-checkout experience for their customers.


Founded by Noel Noriega and William Roseberry, Enkempass operates in the Financial Services, Lending, and Payments industry. Additional information about the company is not available, but you can follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

OPM Mastery, INC

Felix He founded OPM Mastery, INC, a Fintech startup aimed at assisting individuals and startups through innovative financial solutions. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook.

Proven PCI

Founded by Christopher Bulin and Joshua Benedetti in 2021, Proven PCI lends a hand to small and medium-sized organizations comply with the PCI Data Security Standard for credit card payments. Stay updated about the company on LinkedIn and Facebook.



ating in the Events, Financial Services, and Insurance industry, Money2Conf provides valuable insights and investment guidance via their Money 2.0 Conferences. Connect with the company on LinkedIn.


Started by Orestes Marquetti, InvestLocal operates a social investing platform linking retail investors with local businesses needing funding for expansion. Keep up with the company news on LinkedIn.

These promising startups showcase the dynamic versatility within the Financial Services industry. With their brilliant ideas and innovative solutions, they are indeed disrupting the finance space like never before. Las Vegas, with its diverse and rich start-up culture, is undoubtedly creating the perfect environment for the growth of such innovative startups.

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