Spotlight on Irvine-Based Consulting Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 27, 2024

There’s been significant growth in the American startup scene in recent years. One hotspot for these new businesses is Irvine, California, where numerous companies have taken root, especially in the consulting industry. Since 2020, these startups have shown exceptional innovation and creativity in their respective fields. This article aims to shine a spotlight on ten such companies, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the industry.

Half Past Nine

Half Past Nine, founded by Jenner Kearns and Kenneth Shen, specializes in Brand Marketing, Consulting, and Marketing. You can learn more about their work through their social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Datavocity is an innovative business that brings consultative IT solutions ranging from planning and consulting, implementation, and ongoing management. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for additional information.

Vital Acquisitions

Vital Acquisitions operates in the fields of Advertising, Consulting, and Marketing. Their social media presence is strong on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Arbor Group

The Arbor Group offers comprehensive tree care services, including tree trimming, removal, asset management, and consulting. They are also present on LinkedIn.

Alchemy Data Centers

Alchemy Data Centers, founded by Igor Shalkevich, operates in Consulting and Information Technology. They can also be found on LinkedIn.


Ridare is a firm in the fields of Information Technology, Management Consulting, and Software. You can learn more on their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages.

LRM Lender Consultants

LRM Lender Consultants focuses their services on assisting small businesses through community lenders. Check their Facebook and LinkedIn for more insights about their work.


Crestaff takes pride in providing skilled labor staff throughout California, particularly in asbestos abatement.


CALAborate specializes in helping small to medium-sized businesses in the Information Technology sector. Learn more about them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

BASECAMP Consulting Group LLC

BASECAMP Consulting Group LLC, founded by Anthony Domenici and Ken Young, offers comprehensive solutions in Finance and Supply Chain for high growth companies. You can find them on LinkedIn.


Skillsjump, founded by Evgeny Kim, is a training and recruiting company focusing on community-building among Developers and QAs. Visit them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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