Spotlight On Innovative Washington DC-Based US Information Technology Startups

January 25, 2024

The district of Washington, D.C. is becoming a hotspot for fast-growing, innovative startups, especially within the Information Technology industry. E-learning, big data, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity are just a few of the fields making huge strides in this space. From providing interactive classrooms on Zoom to offering industry-leading location data, the startups developed in 2020 and beyond are pushing boundaries and challenging the norm. Let’s explore some of the Washington, D.C. startups that have been making noise in the Information Technology industry.

These companies are not only driving progress and innovation but also contributing significantly to the burgeoning tech scene in the heart of the country. They hail from different sectors of the IT industry, showing the wide breadth and depth of digital solutions coming out of D.C.

Each company has a unique story to tell, as well as different aims and goals. However, shared among them is the understanding that technology is an indispensable tool in shaping the future, and that Washington D.C. as a hub has the potential to lead this charge.

Class Technologies Inc.

Inception in 2020, Class Technologies Inc. is a startup founded by Michael Chasen and Wesley Boyer. Positioned within the E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Information Technology, Social Media, Software, Video Conferencing fields, they created Class for Zoom, an integration to help teachers transition smoothly into remote teaching.


Founded by Jacob Ellenburg, Jamie Thompson, and Joshua Anton, Outlogic offers quality location data to retail, real estate and financial markets. Outlogic’s data collection and use practices supports the development of disruptive tools, backed by reliable data.


With their AI and IT expertise, founders Max Jegorovcev and Sergey Jermakov started Graip, a startup providing cutting-edge technology solutions in the form of software development support.


Multicloud is a startup company offering optimization, serverless applications, and disaster recovery services. They specialize in multi-cloud implementations, offering digital transformation services to their clients.


Opame is a mobile application startup, founded by Benjamin Villamayor, Marcos Di Julio Lancini, Rafael David Rodríguez Malave, Reza Mehran Nejad. They lead the way in innovative apps and software developments.


Datalytix is a promising startup offering IT software solutions with emphasis on analytics. They are dedicated to revolutionising how businesses interact and utilise data.

principia/RAID Digital Security

principia/RAID Digital Security is a cybersecurity consulting company. They design information security strategies and manage risks for their clients, ensuring data is safe from breaches.

ETRM Group

ETRM Group offer technological and legal services, helping organisations protect data, optimise workflows and leverage technology to their advantage.

Leg Up in IT

Leg Up in IT is dedicated to providing educational and training support in the Information Technology sector. This non-profit startup is making a significant impact on IT education sector.

Cutting Edge AI

Cutting Edge AI, a startup by Martin Kelly, is working on new advances in Information Technology and the internet, offering promising building blocks for the digital future.


Founded by Luca de la Torre, RedGov uses its expertise in Cyber Security to assists Governments and their partners in stopping cyber attacks before they happen and increasing cyber security awareness through education.

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