Spotlight on Innovative Boston-Based IT Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 30, 2024

The Massachusetts city of Boston is a hotspot of entrepreneurial activities, it has risen to provide a conducive and enabling environment for tech companies. Here, we delve into startups that were established in the year 2020 or later in the IT sector, and these startups have continued to make significant strides within the industry. Their scaling growth and innovation make them outstanding amongst others, hereby, making them brilliant representations of startup culture in Boston.


Reprise, established by Bryan Stevenson, Evan Powell, Joe Caprio, and Samuel Clemens, is an innovative startup that provides software demo creation platform. It empowers businesses to create and design customized demos suitable for their needs.

You can find them on Facebook, LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter (@getreprise).


Electives, founded by Jason Lavender and Krikor Dzeronian, stands out as another promising startup that offers live learning platforms for employees. It focuses on various aspects of professional training and development.

Catch more about them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (@electivesio).

High Street Partners

High Street Partners, led by Larry Harding, simplifies the management and control of international operations and empowers customers to capitalize on their growth opportunities.

They can be contacted via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (@RadiusWW).


Perygee, founded by Mollie Breen and Mark Watabe, is a cybersecurity platform that provides a holistic approach towards business security management.

You can find out more about them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter (@perygee).

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