Spotlight on Houston’s Thriving E-Commerce Startups Transforming US Industry

January 27, 2024

As one of the largest cities in the US, Houston, Texas radiates a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, especially in the booming e-commerce sector. Despite the global turbulence of 2020, Houston has remained a fertile ground for innovative startups. This article will shine a spotlight on Houston-based e-commerce startups, all of which started operations in 2020 or later. From retail to food and beverage, fashion, logistics, and even art, these startups are challenging traditional business models, levering technology to meet consumer needs in novel ways.

Houston’s e-commerce industry offers a variety of products and services, which is a testament to the creativity and perseverance of the local business community. These innovative startups not only provide consumers with new shopping experiences but also further bolster Houston’s economy by attracting investments and creating jobs. The companies we will discuss have successfully utilized digital platforms to seize opportunities in the e-commerce landscape and cater to fresh market demands.

By highlighting the efforts of internet-based startups operating in Houston, we aim to encourage budding entrepreneurs and established business leaders alike to embrace digitalization. Let’s take a closer look at these promising young businesses who are making waves in the e-commerce arena within the boundaries of the Space City.

Wadaaa Marketplace

Wadaaa Marketplace is tapping into the e-commerce industry with their focus on retail and wholesale markets. This Houston-based startup strives to provide an efficient online shopping platform to consumers. For more information about the company, visit their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Terramar Imports

Terramar Imports has carved a niche in the consumer goods sector, specifically in food and beverage. Based in Houston, their e-commerce platform connects consumers with quality imported goods. To learn more about Terramar Imports, you can follow their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Merchstack is an e-commerce startup specializing in information technology and online portals. They are on a mission to redefine how businesses operate online. To connect with Merchstack, you can check out their LinkedIn page.


AM APPAREL is a Houston-based e-commerce business in the fashion industry. They offer a vast selection of apparel and accessories like t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, necklaces and more. Find out more about their offerings and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


BIGSHIPMENT is an e-commerce startup dealing in air transportation, logistics, retail, and shipping. They provide safe and on-time delivery for global shipping in and out of Africa. Uchechukwu Jacob Ajuzie, one of the founders, is steering the company towards new heights in the logistics and shipping industry.

3rd Coast Art Fabrication

3rd Coast Art Fabrication is a unique startup that mixes the world of art and e-commerce. This Houston-based company brings a whole new shopping experience for art lovers. Don’t forget to check out their page on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Letmobel is an e-commerce startup that bridges furniture manufacturing with product design. Reinventing the furniture shopping experience, they are making a name in the industry. Stay updated on their latest designs by following their pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Shopavize is an e-commerce startup that frames itself as a social shopping community. The founding team, including Charles Coleman II, David Schwartz, Hana Coleman, and Paul Sucharski are driving this e-commerce venture forward. Find out more on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Rushable is an innovative e-commerce venture that provides local eateries with a platform for online visibility and sales. The company is redefining the restaurant experience online, charging no commissions on direct orders from their website. Gain more insights about Rushable through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Aligning itself to the evolution of modern men, Allvendi taps into the personal care and grooming industry with a customer-centric strategy. They offer a wide range of high-quality men’s products online. Stay updated by following their social media updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Oodles, a B2B customer engagement and retention platform for Shopify eCommerce brands, drives businesses with its all-in-one Conversational AI Chatbot. The Houston-based company was founded by Zul Momin, who is leading the charge in utilizing cutting-edge technology. You can learn more about Oodles on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

From scaling online platforms to curating social shopping experiences, these Houston-based startups are shaping the future of e-commerce. They underscore the city’s commitment to fostering a diversified, resilient, and entrepreneurial ecosystem amid the digital era. Providing invaluable products and services, these startups are a testament to Houston’s thriving business environment. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

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