Spotlight: Emerging Boston-Based Consulting Startups Transforming US Industry Landscape

January 30, 2024

Today we bring you a selection of promising consulting industry startups that have their roots in Boston, Massachusetts and were launched from 2020 onwards. These companies have shown innovation and resilience, and have risen to the challenges set by recent global circumstances. Their diverse range of services—from operations management and mental health services to cybersecurity and financial consulting—indicates the broad application of consulting practices across industries. Here is a brief overview of each company, with links to their websites and social media platforms for those interested in learning more.

High Street Partners

High Street Partners, founded by Larry Harding, is focused on simplifying the management and control of international operations, helping customers capitalize on their growth opportunities overseas. This startup’s unique approach has already aided over 300 organizations in over 80 countries. Aside from having a presence on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, they also share updates via their Twitter handle, @RadiusWW.


Uwill is a startup focused on mental health access and services for colleges. Founded by Michael London, this company incorporates modern technologies to provide video-based and message-based counseling in a safe, secure environment. You can find out more about their work on their LinkedIn page.

Synergy Health Network

Synergy Health Network is a Boston-based health care consultancy. As is the current trend in modern healthcare practice, this startup has compelled interests from fellow startups as well as established medical practices, and much more. To keep abreast of this company, follow their @SynergyHealthPC handle on Twitter, or check out their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Moonwalker is a startup that operates in the blockchain, business development, consulting, and trading platform industry sector. Not only do they provide unmatched advice on the blockchain system, but they also offer trading platforms to their clients. For more details, follow their Twitter handle, @MWGStweets, or visit their LinkedIn profile.

Untangle Health

Untangle Health was founded by Adam Norris and Chris Notaro. Despite being a relatively new startup, Untangle health offers sheer growth prospects in the consulting, health care, and small and medium businesses industry. In addition to their website, you can connect with them through their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter handle, @untanglehealth.


MightyCFO is a business management consulting firm offering financial guidance, strategic planning, and tactical support to early-stage startups and small businesses. For more information, check out their LinkedIn profile or follow their Twitter handle, @mightycfo.


Graylark, founded by Bryan Vicente and Daniel Heinen, brings cybersecurity solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. You can follow their Twitter handle, @graylarkcyber, find them on Facebook, or view their LinkedIn profile for updates and more information.


MacguyverTech is a web design and software consultancy. They offer a broad array of services aimed not just at setting businesses online but also ensuring that these platforms offer an effective and stress-free user experience. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page, or follow them on Twitter via @MacguyverTech01.

Sage Analysis Group

Sage Analysis Group is a consulting, management consulting, professional services firm in Boston. They offer an array of advice and services through their wisdom and expertise in the consulting industry. Stay up to date with them through their LinkedIn profile, or follow them on Twitter at @sageanalysisgrp.

Convergency Partners

Convergency Partners offers financial and consulting services. Moreover, they provide valuable support to fledgling startups through angel investments. Find more information on their LinkedIn page.

Aventure Trading

Aventure Trading is a premier consulting firm that particularly focuses on the financial services and trading platform industry sectors. Their services range from consulting to execution, demonstrating their commitment to comprehensive client support. To keep updated, follow Aventure Trading on Facebook or visit their LinkedIn profile.

We hope you find these startups as exciting as we do. Remember, the path to success often begins with great support and advice, and these consulting startups are here to offer just that. Happy exploring!

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