Showcasing San Mateo’s Emerging Software Startups in United States

January 28, 2024

For those keeping tabs on the American tech scene, it is almost impossible to ignore the flourishing startup environment in San Mateo, California. This city, located in the high-tech enclave of Silicon Valley, is a hotbed of innovation, particularly for startups in the Software industry. This article highlights some compelling startups with an inception of 2020 or later operating in the software industry and whose headquarters are located in San Mateo. So, let’s jump in and explore some of these rising stars.

These young companies are pushing the boundaries of technological innovation within the software sector, developing unique solutions to modern problems. Whether it’s cloud data security, financial services, or machine learning, these companies are bringing to market new and exciting consumables. Despite the various challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, they have persevered and managed to come out stronger on the other side.

More than anything, these startups stand as testament to the resilience, creativity, and can-do spirit of Silicon Valley, where brilliant minds are consistently coming together to build the future. Here are some of the finest examples of software startups in San Mateo that have emerged in 2020 and beyond.


Founded by Ali Minaei, Cristiano Betta, and John Lunn, Gr4vy is a visionary payment orchestration platform providing bespoke payment solutions for businesses. Launched in 2020, this startup aims to simplify the process of payment infrastructure, offering services on a per-service basis, rather than a transactional one. Their platform serves as the epicentre for reporting, monitoring, and managing payment infrastructures. Find out more about Gr4vy on their LinkedIn.


Cyera, established in 2021 by Tamar Bar-Ilan and Yotam Segev, is a pioneer in next-generation data security. Their platform provides businesses with insights into data, identities and access, alongside remedial action for threats arising from exposure, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. You can learn more about this enterprise on their LinkedIn.


Remotebase is a consultancy aimed at hiring, training, and edifying local software engineers. Head to LinkedIn for more details about this innovative startup.


Co-founded by Andy Mowat and Melissa Moody, Gated is a creative solution that dramatically reduces inbox volume. It filters out unwanted sales emails, helping users focus on valuable email content. Interestingly, unidentified senders pay to reach the user’s inbox, with these payments supporting the user’s chosen nonprofit. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


HyperGlue, co-founded by Sam Oluwalana and Stanley Fich, is a natural language platform designed to transmute unstructured data into actionable business intel. More details about this cutting-edge startup can be found on their LinkedIn.

Product Signals

Product Signals is another game-changer in the Software industry. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook pages to learn more.


Bicycle is an innovative player in the Developer Platform landscape. More can be learnt about them from their LinkedIn page, which can be found here.


Founded by Tarun Gaur, qikfox is on a mission to make the internet a more secure and private space for users. Their next-generation Internet Browser enhances users’ cybersecurity. Find out more about qikfox on their LinkedIn.


Funded by Sandra Shpilberg, Adnexi is a KOL discovery and mapping platform aimed at fast-tracking drug development. More information about Adnexi can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Dami Yi, Jaeman An, Jihwan (Jay) Chun, and Yongseon Lee, VESSL AI narrows the gap between innovation and implementation. They empower machine learning teams to develop top-grade models at scale. Find out more on their LinkedIn, Facebook page.


Remoty is a revolutionary application that helps teams maximize their potential by streamlining time-tracking and progress updates in Slack. Keep tabs on them on LinkedIn.

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