Showcasing Philadelphia’s IT Startups: US-Based Innovations in Information Technology

January 29, 2024

Philadelphia, often referred to as the birthplace of America, is now also home to a burgeoning community of innovative startups proving that the city is not only rich in history, but also in technology. In this article, we spotlight startups established since 2020 that are making waves in the Information Technology industry. With the city’s rich ecosystem of universities, strategic location, and affordable costs of living, it’s no wonder that these startups are opting to lay roots and grow their innovative businesses in Philly.

The Information Technology industry is booming due to the deep integration of technology in every aspect of our lives. This year, COVID-19 has only added another major cause for its exponential growth. Health care, financial services, and environmental engineering are just a few of the industries that IT has positively influenced. Philadelphia’s startups tell a story of a city blooming with high tech innovation, ready and able to meet the needs of an evolving, tech-centered market.

These startups are further proof of Philadelphia’s place as a tech hub. Today, we talk about 11 such startups that have set the marker high with their inventive approach and innovative technologies:


Founded by siblings Dan and Jennifer Goldsmith, Tendo is a healthcare technology company headquartered in Philadelphia. The company is driven by a mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery through user-oriented software solutions that seamlessly connect patients, clinicians, and caregivers. Tendo envisions becoming the trusted connection in the healthcare ecosystem, providing intelligent, user-friendly experiences throughout the care journey. Collaborating with leading health systems, partners, investors, and advisors who share a commitment to innovation, Tendo strives to make measurable progress in healthcare by driving necessary change. More about Tendo can be found on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Founded by Adam Kalamchi and Soofi Safavi, Staircase is an API marketplace specifically designed for the US residential mortgage industry. It creates a frictionless system where all parties throughout mortgage origination and servicing can easily communicate. Staircase firmly strives to catalyze innovation in the mortgage market by reducing the cost of building and integrating applications. Learn more about their mission on LinkedIn.


Treeswift is changing the landscape of environmental care by combining machine learning, robotic and information technology to develop advanced forestry tools. Their methodology is transforming the way we understand and engage with our environment. More about their work can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Brought into existence by Aaron and Jacob Diamond Reivich, Mito is a startup that specializes in analytics and cloud data services. They are currently creating a unique place in the market through their innovative approach to data science. Connect with them via their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


GovCompete, founded by Mike Driver, is a SaaS toolkit designed to assist government contractors in identifying and qualifying opportunities. Its suite of automation tools intelligently curates actional insights from various sources. To stay updated with GovCompete, you can like their Facebook page and follow them on LinkedIn.


Philadelphia’s phoeniQs aims to make a mark in the analytics and artificial intelligence arena. The startup is still very new in the IT industry, but it is quickly paving a successful path in artificial intelligence. More details about their work can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Athena Solutions

Athena Solutions provides IT integration, technology management, and business processing solutions among its services. The organization assists its clients in digitizing and automating their processes. You can explore more about their service offerings on their LinkedIn page.

The Dough

The Dough focuses on integrating information technology with education to create a difference. They are shaping the funding and investment knowledge of potential investors via their unique platform. Find more about their innovative mission via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Rego, co-founded by Brandon Castagna and Joshua Mastromatto, offers an inventive approach to handle second-hand furniture. Their goal to reduce furniture wastage is accomplished via a marketplace that offers users options to sell, donate or responsibly dispose of their used furniture. Get to know Rego further on their LinkedIn.

Resolutions DMA

Resolutions DMA is a full-service management consulting, technology services, construction, and outsourcing company launched by Byron L. Frazier Jr. The organization delivers various IT services in the realm of information technology, construction, and consulting. Find out more on their Facebook page.


Co-founded by Amber Wanner, Austin George, and Sree Kotay, Vette leverages human engagement, allowing businesses to grow by personalizing touch points along the way. The team’s vision and dedication can be witnessed on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

As Philadelphia continues to foster a brisk startup ecosystem, the future looks promising for those aspiring to contribute to the tech industry. It’s startups like these that are pioneering innovation in their respective fields and putting Philadelphia on the global tech map.

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