Showcasing Chicago’s Newest Non-Profit Startups Innovating in US Industry

January 26, 2024

Near the heart of the United States, in the bustling city of Chicago, an impressive wave of new startups are aiming to make a significant social impact. These diverse startup companies, all of them non-profits and formed in the year 2020 or later, are pursuing a range of noble missions: fighting for health equity, bolstering environment education, empowering young women, and propelling medical support and innovation. Beyond their shared geography and nonprofit status, these companies are bonded by an ambition to pioneer meaningful change, despite the extra challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

The City of Big Shoulders is proving itself open to innovators in multiple sectors. Among these new ventures, we can find educational enterprises like The Teen Trillionaire, The Re-Write It Project, and Keetas Place, aiming to empower students and provide lifelong skills. Health organizations like Movement for the Movement and IMPACT aim to transform how communities approach personal wellness and health care services. There are also environmental organizations, like Eco Circle International, which strive to cultivate and disseminate knowledge on sustainable practices. In sectors as varied as blockchain finance to performing arts, these startups illustrate the multifaceted propensities of Chicago citizens in utilizing their creativity for making a difference.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these promising startups originating in Chicago, each carving out a unique space within their respective areas and together creating a diverse landscape of socially driven ventures.

The Teen Trillionaire

Found by Aryav Bothra, The Teen Trillionaire is a unique name in the realms of education and finance for non-profit organizations. (LinkedIn)

Movement for the Movement

Founded by Keith Oliphant and Shelbie Davis, Movement for the Movement is a health activist organisation that advocates for the holistic health of the black community. Their aim is to drive a tangible change in the landscape of health and fitness. Facebook LinkedIn

Eco Circle International

Eco Circle International is a non-profit organization that provides education on the intersectional environmental crises and mobilizes youth to organize sustainable initiatives. Their aim is to use various mediums to provide education to all. Twitter LinkedIn

Keetas Place

Keetas Place is a non-profit organization focused on servicing middle school and high school aged girls in low-income and underserved communities. Their aim is to equip young ladies with life skills that can help them contribute to society as productive adults. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

And Flourish

Founded by Jennifer Ramirez, And Flourish is a non-profit organization providing training services. LinkedIn

PARA.MAR Dance Theatre

PARA.MAR Dance Theatre represents the vision, purpose, and commitment to celebrating identity and creating community through contemporary ballet. Their mission is to empower and elevate diverse voices in contemporary ballet by providing performances and programming rooted in artistic excellence, radical accessibility, and reflective of the unique identities of the communities they serve. Facebook LinkedIn

Quadchain Solutions Foundation

Quadchain Solutions Foundation provides instant settlements with frictionless payment processing by using blockchain technology. It supports NGOs, government agencies, IT, and overseas Filipino workers. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

Global Health Alliance

Global Health Alliance is a non-profit organization committed to healthcare, charity, and serving underserved children. Facebook LinkedIn

The Re-Write It Project

The Re-Write It Project provides learning resources to students and reduces educational inequities by combating systemic influences that impede student access to essential supplies. They utilize environmentally sustainable practices to rewrite the narrative surrounding worn supplies. Facebook LinkedIn


IMPACT envisions a care system that supports healthcare, personal welfare, patient and provider safety and provides support to the communities of Illinois healthcare workers. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn


Founded by Arjun Srivastava, Goodsend is a mobile, social philanthropy platform which encourages recurring micro-donations at scale from individuals in the community. 100% of the donations go directly to people in need. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

Featuring broad range of enterprises that create opportunities, drive innovation, and address pressing social issues, the non-profit startups scene in Chicago is creating ripples within the national landscape. Watch out for these companies – their work is transforming lives, shaping communities and forging a brighter future.

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