San Francisco’s Thriving Manufacturing Startups Revolutionizing US Industry

January 28, 2024

San Francisco is a bustling hub of invention and entrepreneurship with a strong presence of successful startups. Particularly in the manufacturing industry, San Francisco startups have paved the path towards innovation and sustainability. Today, we focus the spotlight on some of these boundary-pushing companies in the world of manufacturing, all founded in 2020 and onwards, making significant strides in their respective industries.

These startups are proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. They are pushing boundaries, ushering in new generations of technology, sustainability, and product delivery which are transforming the traditional manufacturing landscape. From aerospace and clean energy to biotechnology and industrial automation, these startups are making a mark with their innovative solutions.

Below, you’ll find information on ten San Francisco manufacturing businesses, including their founders, descriptions, and links to their websites and social media.


Founded by Adam Goldstein and Brett Adcock, Archer is a distinguished player in the aerospace, air transportation, and manufacturing industries. Archer is committed to advancing the benefits of sustainable air mobility by designing, manufacturing, and operating an all-electric aircraft that can carry passengers efficiently while producing minimal noise. For more, follow Archer on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Varda, led by Delian Asparouhov and Trae Stephens, makes products in space for terrestrial conservation, manufacturing, and product design. The company is especially recognized for creating an infrastructure that harvests resources for new products via asteroid mining. Connect with Varda on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Rubi Laboratories

Rubi Laboratories stands out in the biotechnology, sustainability, and textiles sectors. This pioneering startup manufactures carbon-negative textiles using biocatalyst solutions, transforming carbon emissions into natural fibers. Find more on Rubi Laboratories on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Cofounders Daniel Cavero and Josh Santos spearhead Noya, a startup devoted to minimizing CO2 emissions. The company is producing groundbreaking work in retrofitting existing equipment to capture carbon, accelerating the transition to a carbon-negative existence. Stay updated with Noya on Twitter and LinkedIn.


In the beauty, fashion, and retail industry, Futuremood has made a name for itself by manufacturing and selling scientifically tested sunglasses proven to elevate the mood. For more information, visit Futuremood’s Facebook and LinkedIn page.


San Francisco-based startup Pashi, founded by Soham Sankaran, creates software designed to streamline the design, monitoring, and optimization of production lines. Explore more about Pashi on LinkedIn.


Propulsioneers offers 3DGear, a solution that reduces torque magnification from 10 to 400 times for single and double configurations. Led by Chris Martellotti, the company is mastering the industrial design and manufacturing sectors. Find more on Propulsioneers on Twitter and LinkedIn.


SKUVision is an inventory management platform founded by Roshan Srinivasan. The company specializes in aiding businesses of all sizes with their supply chain logistics and manufacturing efforts. Learn more on SKUVision’s Facebook and LinkedIn page.


In the consumer goods and packaging industries, Sanikind has established its footprint. Follow Sanikind on Facebook and LinkedIn for more updates.


Stuart Kaler’s founded NuVinix excels in the machinery manufacturing industry. Stay informed via their LinkedIn page.


togoboat, led by Nikita Matusevich and Victor Storozhenko, stands out for providing unique, affordable, and eco-friendly boats for rent. Stay updated with togoboat on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

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