San Francisco’s Innovative US-based Enterprise Software Startup Highlights

January 25, 2024

San Francisco is home to many successful tech startups. Synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurship, the city has continued to be a hotbed for new businesses in the enterprise software industry. Today, we’d like to showcase some of the most promising startups that launched in or after 2020. They may be young, but each one brings unique solutions to the table, addressing various needs in enterprise software.

Major advancements in technology over the last few years have drastically reshaped enterprise software, providing new solutions that not only improve efficiency but also help businesses stay ahead of the curve. The wide range of innovative startups in this space covers a bevy of crucial areas, including environmental consulting, collaboration, data analytics, and machine learning.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies, their founders, the innovative solutions they offer, and what makes them stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Patch Technologies

Founded by Aaron Grunfeld and Brennan Spellacy, Patch Technologies combines environmental consulting, renewable energy, enterprise software, and software technologies. The company focuses on building infrastructure for a climate-positive economy. Their API for carbon removal makes it easy for businesses to build sustainable products and hit climate goals. Connect with them via their Linkedin or follow them on Twitter @usepatch.


Hub, established by Freddy Jose Mangum and Karl Gainey, was developed to assist the presales individual contributor and leadership in managing their daily activities to win more businesses. They provide a presales productivity platform that encourages collaboration, automates CRM data entry, makes data-driven investments, and more. Feel free to visit their Linkedin page or follow their Twitter account @HubTechSales.

Narrative BI

Co-founded by Michael Rumiantsau and Yury Koleda, Narrative BI is a no-code augmented analytics platform. It smoothly fuses with existing data sources, autodetecting anomalies and correlations in company data. They transform raw data into actionable narratives for growth teams. Find them on Linkedin or follow their Twitter account @narrative_bi.


CivilGrid, founded by Josh Mackanic, is a construction intelligence platform that integrates layers of utility, environmental, and geotechnical project site data. Helping developers, engineers, and construction companies make informed decisions is their main priority. Get more updates from them on their Linkedin page or follow them @civilgrid on Twitter.


A collaboration between Niki Khokale and Rajas Lonkar led to the creation of Fountain9, a provider of predictive inventory planning and optimization solutions. Using AI, their flagship product, Kronoscope, predicts future inventory requirements and optimizes prices. They’re on Linkedin and Facebook, and you can follow them @fountain9tech on Twitter.

Terrain Analytics

The brainchild of Mark Jacobson and Riley Kinser, Terrain Analytics reinvents how companies identify top markets for talent acquisition. They help HR and People Analytics teams make quicker actionable decisions about a company’s talent investment. Look them up on Linkedin.


Founded by Paul Rosania, Balsa focuses on building the best second screen for builders, integrating tools you already use, like Jira, GitHub, and Figma. Visit their Linkedin page or follow them on Twitter @GoBalsa.


Raddle, established by Liyani Rodriguez and Tex Dworkin, is a collaborative platform that enhances the quality and inclusivity of conversations. You can follow them @getraddle on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Created by David Lee and Kisang Pak, Ceeya is a platform dedicated to freelancers. It helps businesses build high-conversion websites, create webinars, manage 1:1 sessions, and build their audience. Keep up with them on Linkedin.


Corrily, founded by Abel Riboulot and Andrej Zukov-Gregoric, is a price optimization software for subscription and usage-based companies. Their API finds the ideal price that a user is willing to pay. Learn about them on their Linkedin page or follow their Twitter account @usecorrily.


Franchised by Mayank Agarwal and Vaibhav Jain, Hubilo is an all-in-one virtual and hybrid event platform. It provides an engaging and interactive event experience, helping planners and organizations to reimagine the future of events. They are available on Linkedin, Facebook, and you can follow them @hubiloconnect on Twitter.

Each of the companies above exemplifies the innovation and solutions-driven mindset that continues to drive San Francisco’s enterprise software industry forward. Whether it’s reducing our carbon footprint, optimizing inventory, or transforming the way we manage and plan events, these startups are proof that innovation is alive and well in the City by the Bay.

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