San Francisco’s Innovative HR Startups Revolutionizing the American Workplace

January 27, 2024

San Francisco, known as Silicon Valley’s hub and the heartland of start-ups, continues to churn out game-changing firms. The recent startups making headway in the ‘Modern HR’ industry are innovative, data-driven and are reshaping how HR functions operate. Whether they offer products on compensation, workspace or recruitment – all these startups are tackling significant problems in unique ways. Let’s take a look at these trailblazing startups that came into inception in 2020 or later and are operating in the HR industry.


Founded by Guy Morita, Joe Du Bey, and Kyle Wilkinson, Eden is an all-in-one people success and workplace platform, fetching investment from famous venture capitalists around the globe. Eden aids modern companies in HR, IT, and Software services by providing the necessary resources for enhancement and growth.


Finch, the creation of Ansel Parikh and Jeremy Zhang, is an API that enables seamless access to org-wide directory, payroll, and benefits data across 200+ payroll, HRIS, and benefits systems. Finch is building the foundation for the employment sector as it moves towards standardization and data interconnection.


Geoffrey Tisserand and Miles Hobby founded Agora, a compensation platform. They aim to provide equity and transparency in salaries, equipping companies with data-driven decisions on structuring pay. Agora centralizes data, benchmarks against similar companies, and communicates total rewards to candidates and employees.


Founded by Liza Mash Levin and Omri Haviv, Gable aids remote professionals in finding neighborhood workspaces. Companies can book Gable for teams to collaborate efficiently. It includes WiFi, calls, restroom, parking, kitchen, printers, whiteboard, AC, and more, meeting stringent quality criteria.

Terrain Analytics

Terrain Analytics, founded by Mark Jacobson and Riley Kinser, reinvents how companies identify the best markets. They provide HR, People Analytics, and Workplace Strategy teams to make actionable decisions quicker around a company’s greatest investment: talent.


Atlas, founded by Karen Serfaty and Paula Alcala, deals in single tax and gross income management. They also offer automatic billing without the hassle of AFIP page entry, helping contractors stay compliant with their local government while working for US and foreign companies.


Founded by Alex Svinov, Insquad helps US and EU companies find quality remote software engineers worldwide. It uses an AI-vetting algorithm to ensure the top quality of engineers for their clients. Insquad offers engineers in 100+ technologies including React, Vue.js, Node.js, Php, Python, Java, C#, iOS, Android, and more.


Moe Nada founded SupportFinity to provide hiring experiences for finding first-class talents worldwide and managing B2B services for all sizes of businesses. The platform is trusted and loved by many notable companies worldwide.


Joanna Zhu and Shawn Magee’s creation, Circle, develops a short video platform for video makers. Founders post video demos of their products, which Circle showcases to potential users.


Greg Bybee, Joshua Angrist, and Parag Pathak founded Avela to advance equity in education. Their software and services empower school districts to support parents and make data-driven decisions. Their platform facilitates efficient and fair talent placement.


Aashish Mittal and Sachin Mittal founded InterviewVector, an interview-as-a-service (IaaS) platform. It connects organizations with on-demand pre-vetted interviewing panels, simplifying the scheduling of interviews and providing better flexibility and scalability.

These startups represent the future of the Human Resources industry. They embody the talent, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit that makes San Francisco a global hub for technological advancement. Each of these up-and-coming businesses is contributing to shaping an efficient, modern approach towards Human Resources, creating an impactful difference in the industry.

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