San Francisco’s Innovative HR Startups Revolutionizing American Business Landscape

January 27, 2024


Human Resources (HR) is a crucial sector in any organisation. Since 2020, many startups have emerged in the HR sector, driven by a new generation of leaders and innovators. Many of these startups are centered in San Francisco, California, a hotbed of innovation and technological advancement. We will explore the newest HR industry startups that have their headquarters in San Francisco and were established in 2020 or later.

These companies are showing significant potential by developing game-changing solutions to transform human resources. From leveraging artificial intelligence to offering unique employee benefits, these businesses are reshaping traditional HR practices. We have chosen to showcase these companies based on their innovative product offerings, passion for HR, and commitment to improving organizational structures and processes.

Let’s delve into the list of these promising startups. Get to know their business models, founders, and how their products are pushing the boundaries of the HR industry today.


Eden, founded by Guy Morita, Joe Du Bey, and Kyle Wilkinson, operates in a diverse range of sectors including Human Resources, IT Management, SaaS, and Software. They provide an all-in-one people success and workplace software for modern companies, offering advanced workplace management solutions. Eden has received funding from notable investors like Y Combinator, SV Angel, and Bessemer Venture Partners. Find them on LinkedIn


Finch is an HR startup founded by Ansel Parikh and Jeremy Zhang. Their product, the #1 Employment API, makes it easier for organizations to access their directory, payroll, and benefits data across various systems. Finch envisions a world where data systems are standardized, open, and interconnected and is striving to provide the underlying infrastructure for this vision. Find them on LinkedIn.


Agora, founded by Geoffrey Tisserand and Miles Hobby, provides a compensation platform that assists companies in determining fair pay structures using data-driven decisions. Agora aims to bring transparency and fairness to pay conversations within organizations. Find them on LinkedIn.


Gable, founded by Liza Mash Levin and Omri Haviv, helps remote professionals find neighborhood workspaces. They accommodate small groups in quality-checked spaces with all necessary amenities. Find them on LinkedIn.

Terrain Analytics

Founded by Mark Jacobson and Riley Kinser, Terrain Analytics aims to improve the way companies identify top markets and talents worldwide. Their product helps HR, People Analytics, and Workplace Strategy teams make more informed decisions regarding talent acquisition. Find them on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Karen Serfaty and Paula Alcala, Atlas offers a single tax and gross income management system. They aim to assist contractors in remaining compliant while working with US and foreign companies. Find them on LinkedIn.


Alex Svinov founded Insquad, an IT services company that helps businesses scale development teams with high-quality software engineers at competitive prices. Insquad utilizes AI-vetting to achieve this. Find them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Moe Nada, SupportFinity provides complete hiring experiences for businesses of all sizes. They assist organizations in finding high-quality talent and managing B2B services from a single location. Find them on LinkedIn.


Joanna Zhu and Shawn Magee co-founded Circle, a platform for video makers. It lets founders post demos of their products and shows them to potentially interested users. Find them on LinkedIn.


Avela, co-founded by Greg Bybee, Joshua Angrist and Parag Pathak, aims at advancing equity in education. They provide software and services enabling school districts to support parents, run enrollment lotteries, and make data-driven decisions. Find them on LinkedIn.


InterviewVector, founded by Aashish Mittal and Sachin Mittal, offers an interview-as-a-service (IaaS) platform. It connects organizations with pre-vetted interviewing panels, providing the necessary flexibility to schedule interviews. Find them on LinkedIn.


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