Rising Stars: Fremont-based US Analytics Startups Shaping the Industry

January 3, 2024

With the convergence of artificial intelligence and data analytics, some of the most riveting innovation we see in today’s digital evolution is coming from the analytics industry. In particular, Fremont, California, which is renowned for its innovative, rapidly growing startup ecosystem, has become a hub for companies in this space. From predictive analytics to marketing automation, these startups, all of which have been founded in 2020 or later, are breaking new ground and advancing tech solutions we would have deemed the stuff of fantasy just a few years ago.

With this series, we continue to turn the unfailing spotlight on startups nationwide in a bid to keep you apprised with some of the most exciting and revolutionary companies emerging in the US. In this article, we focus on Fremont-based startups operating in the analytics sector. We’ve compiled a diverse array, featuring those who have made trailblazing strides in privacy, data integration, and artificial intelligence to name a few. Below, you’ll see what they’re doing, who they are, and where to find them.

With no further ado, let’s take a look at these inspiring Fremont startups.

Pyxis AI

With its primary services offered in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, CRM, and Information Technology, Pyxis AI is enriching the startup ecosystem of Fremont. Founded by Hong Ding, Pyxis AI stands out with its incredible application of artificial intelligence across various sectors. Check out their LinkedIn profile for more on them.


tomtA.ai is pioneering the use of AI for secure, privacy-focused software solutions. Founders Arjun Banerjee, Saibal Banerjee, and Steven Atneosen are at the helm of this game-changing startup. Their objective to come up with a product that complies with global data privacy standards no matter how stringent, positions them as a beacon in the sector. Follow this link to their LinkedIn page for more.


With solutions in Ad Targeting, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, and more, Confection is taking digital marketing to whole new levels. The team led by Bruno Cantuaria and Quimby Melton has come up with an amazing tool that gives businesses control over their marketing data. Check out their LinkedIn for recent updates and much more.


Blotout is changing how enterprises manage their data with its consented single-tenant CDP and analytics service. Headed by founder, Mandar Shinde, Blotout is revolutionizing data privacy and analytics. More on them can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Revolutionizing food choice with AI is Pikky. This startup is making strides in predictive analytics, with a focus on understanding food habits and preferences. Integrating AI to assist consumers in their decision-making process, Pikky’s introduction of an AI personal recommendation engine makes food choice easy and fun! Follow this link to their LinkedIn page for updates and more.


ZettaBlock, a name to reckon with in the field of Analytics, is taking the startup scene by storm with its remarkable solutions in Information Technology and Software. ZettaBlock is proof of the innovative strides being made in the sector. They can be found on LinkedIn.

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