Rising New York Internet Startups Transforming the US Digital Landscape

January 25, 2024

New York City is renowned for its startup scene. With an inception date of 2020 or later, these startups are part of a growing trend: the vibrant and diverse Internet industry. Despite the tumultuous economic environment, they have shown resilience and innovation. From human resource services to environmental data distribution, these startups are defining the future of the Internet industry.

In the spirit of showcasing these impressive startups, we’ve compiled a list of commendable companies headquartered in The Big Apple. These companies are not just surviving in this new world order; they’re thriving, injecting creative new ideas and buoyant energy into the Internet industry.

Below you will find a series of exciting Internet industry startups, all based in New York City. We’ll explore what they do, who they’re for, and why they’re a shining example of the city’s startup landscape.


Pallet is transforming the recruiting industry by enabling communities and creators to build their own native recruiting products, turning their internet communities into talent pools. Pallet was conceived by Alessandro Russo, Jainil Sutaria, Jake Barry, and Kai Han. Stay connected via their @Pallet_HQ Twitter account or LinkedIn.


Voice, co-founded by Salah Zalatimo, is a platform for cultivating, sharing, and discovering content created by real users. As part of their platform, they use Voice Tokens to help users benefit directly from their ideas and engagement. Follow their progress on @voicehq on Twitter or view their LinkedIn page.


Graphite is an open-source CLI and a code review dashboard that empowers engineers to write, review, and ship smaller pull requests. Stay up-to-date with their developments via their @withgraphite Twitter handle or check out their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Alexander Belanger, Justin Rhee, and Trevor Shim, Porter is creating remote dev environments that run without local constraints. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Batch, founded by JD Maresco, is a QR code-driven software startup empowering rapid shopping experiences for customers. Follow their journey on Twitter at @get_batch or visit their LinkedIn profile.


Skillr is a platform that enables users to connect instantly with experts in various fields. Webster Ross is the founder of this innovative platform. Find more information on their LinkedIn page.

Sora ID

Sora ID is striving to set a new model in the area of online identification. Cole Winstanley, Ethan Shen, and Vamsi Varanasi co-founded this ambitious startup. Stay connected with their developments via their official website.


dClimate is a decentralized marketplace where climate data, forecasts, and models are standardized, monetized, and distributed, founded by Ben Andre, Osho Jha, Philippe Heilberg, and Siddhartha Jha. Keep abreast with their progress through their @dclimatenet Twitter or LinkedIn page.

Socket Supply

Socket Supply creates tools that aid developers in cloud deployment. Stay informed about their journey through their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Jamie Lee, Flox is an application that connects friend groups. Keep up with their developments on their @downtoflox Twitter account or LinkedIn page.

Zebra Labs

Zebra Labs, founded by Dennis Gecaj, operates as a voice-based social application that provides a new approach to stay in touch with close friends and family. Stay connected via their Twitter at @joinzebra or check out their LinkedIn page.

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