Rising Las Vegas E-Commerce Startups Revolutionizing the US Market

January 28, 2024

Amid the glittering array of entertainment and leisure options, Las Vegas is increasingly becoming a melting pot of innovation and enterprising startups. Emerging from the shadows of the expansive e-commerce industry, various startups have sprung up in Las Vegas since 2020, distinguishing themselves with unique product offerings, inventive business strategies, and disruptive technologies. These startups have not only transformed the e-commerce landscape in Las Vegas, but have also set an inspiring precedence for upcoming entrepreneurs in the United States.

The saturation of the e-commerce market prompts companies to constantly adapt in order to retain their competitive edge. This adaptability has been thoroughly exhibited by several Las Vegas startups who have mastered the art of catalyzing growth, irrespective of the industry they function in. Their visions and values, further, serve as idyllic representations of the entrepreneurial spirit which fuels such innovation.

This article intends to introduce our readers to such startups that have emerged out of Las Vegas in the past year. Ranging from digital marketing to homeopathy to coffee, these ventures have not just redefined the e-commerce industry but have ingrained within them the potential to shape the future of digital marketplaces.


Mayan, a startup founded by Armand Mignot, Christopher Compean, Ernesto Reza, and Javier Garcia, is revolutionizing the market research industry by providing automated PPC and inventory optimization for Amazon sellers. Its innovative solution enables sellers to maximize return on advertising spend while minimizing inventory stock-outs. Mayan cherishes a deep social media presence across platforms such as Linkedin and Twitter (@TryMayan).

TEN32 Media

Standing at the intersection of digital marketing and e-commerce is TEN32 Media. From email marketing to inventory services, this startup provides a comprehensive range of solutions enabling businesses to increase traffic, conversions, and reach their target markets. TEN32 Media utilizes social media platforms including Linkedin to connect with its audience and share updates.

Keen Vibe Coffee

Pouring innovation into every mug, Keen Vibe Coffee offers an assortment of blends catering to diverse preferences. Apart from their exquisite collection, the company also ensures a personalized buying experience by providing multiple contact options. Keen Vibe Coffee is quite active on social media platforms including Linkedin, Twitter (@Keen_vibe), and Facebook.


Aeura combines wellness and e-commerce, offering natural health products. This startup contributes to preventive healthcare by providing an anti-viral homeopathic remedy for cold sores, herpes, and shingles. Beside their official website, Aeura interacts with its customers through various social media platforms including Linkedin, Twitter(@AnduraInc), and Facebook.


Aleph sets the benchmark for information technology solutions by providing services for restaurants, food trucks, food halls, and ghost kitchens. Aleph’s 360-degree service offering includes digital signage, logo design, online ordering, telephony, and more. Aleph interacts with its community largely through Linkedin, Twitter(@alephinc_), and Facebook.

Hidden Link

Hidden Link, founded by Jero Esguerra, is a one-stop digital agency offering comprehensive services from brand strategy to CMS technology selection. With their core mandate to be collaborative, curious, innovative, and impactful, Hidden Link drives growth for fashion and lifestyle eCommerce brands. They update their followers about their latest offerings and news on Linkedin, Twitter (@hiddenlinkstu), and Facebook.


With AGC Ecommerce’s website building platform, companies can create robust online experiences. This startup is making waves in the web design industry and can be contacted through several platforms including Linkedin, Twitter (@agcecommerce), and Facebook.


Founded by Monica Fullerton, Spouse-ly offers a unique online marketplace for handmade products and services created by military and first responder families. Their commitment to social impact is evident in their business model. Spouse-ly can be reached through Linkedin and Facebook.

Gears Unlimited

Founded by Rosemarie Samaniego, Gears Unlimited caters to the music industry by providing a marketplace for DJ equipment. By offering a platform to buy, sell and rent new and used DJ gear, Gears Unlimited is shaping an authentic community for DJs worldwide. The startup connects to its community members primarily through Linkedin and Facebook.

Quantum Applications

Quantum Applications, founded by Harry Dent and Preston McCue, offers a prebuilt system for businesses to set up advanced custom checkout and post-checkout experiences for their customers. This startup stands at the intersection of SAAS, E-commerce and Information technology. Product updates and insights can be tracked on Linkedin, Twitter (@quantumcheckout), and Facebook.

Quantum Checkout

Fellow venture of Harry Dent and Preston McCue, Quantum Checkout, offers a sliently similar product, a customized checkout solution for e-commerce businesses. The startup aims to redefine the online shopping experience for customers. Quantum Checkout leverages same suite of social media tools for interaction with user base, reaching out via Linkedin.

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