Rising Dough: Brookhaven’s Brilliant Bakery Scene

August 15, 2023

From traditional pastry shops to modern bagel joints, Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, is a burgeoning hub for baked goods enthusiasts. In this feature, we explore a diverse assortment of bakery companies that have firmly rooted themselves in Brookhaven’s community, serving everything from classic donuts to gourmet specialties.

Dunkin’: America’s Morning Staple

Dunkin’ is not just a coffee shop; it is an institution. With multiple locations throughout Brookhaven, Dunkin’ has a vast selection that includes not just your daily caffeine fix, but also breakfast sandwiches, donuts, bagels, and more. Whether you’re ordering through their mobile app or driving through, Dunkin’ is an everyday essential.
Website: Dunkin’

Kyjs Bakery: A Sweet Affair

Though details may be scarce, Kyjs Bakery is known in Brookhaven for its diverse offerings, from fresh-baked breads to elegant wedding cakes. The bakery has something for everyone, no matter the occasion.
Website: Kyjs Bakery

The West Branch Baking Co.: Crafting Excellence

This bakery brings artisanal charm to Brookhaven, focusing on quality over quantity. Their website isn’t just for show – it’s a glimpse into a world of delicious possibilities.
Website: West Branch Baking Co.

Sinfully Delicious Gourmet: Indulgence at Its Best

Aptly named, Sinfully Delicious Gourmet is a must-visit spot for those with a sweet tooth in Brookhaven. Though they may not have a website, their presence is surely felt in the community through their delectable treats.

Save A Lot: Affordable Quality

Not just a grocery store, Save A Lot offers fresh and affordable bakery options, including breads, cakes, and pastries, alongside their expansive range of grocery items.
Website: Save A Lot

Jj Sweet Tooth Bakery: Where Every Bite is Bliss

Without a detailed description, the name says it all. Jj Sweet Tooth Bakery is a spot where every dessert lover’s dreams can become a reality.
Website: Jj Sweet Tooth Bakery

Einstein Bros. Bagels: A Bagel Beyond Compare

This chain is a staple for those in search of a hearty, satisfying breakfast. With a variety of bagels and sandwiches, they’ve been winning hearts across the nation.
Website: Einstein Bros. Bagels

Di Scala Deli and Specialty Foods: A Taste of Italy

An Italian market, deli, and bakery rolled into one, Di Scala offers a broad selection of Italian goods, from freshly baked bread to delicious sandwiches and a variety of cheeses.
Website: Di Scala Deli

Pretzel Boys: A Twist on the Classic

Serving up fresh, soft pretzels that Philly would be proud of, Pretzel Boys brings a beloved regional staple to Brookhaven.
Website: Pretzel Boys

Chester-Jensen Co., Inc.: Baking Beyond the Oven

Not a bakery in the traditional sense, Chester-Jensen Co. provides essential equipment for bakeries and food services, illustrating the infrastructure behind the delightful pastries we enjoy.
Website: Chester-Jensen Co.

Phatsos Bakery: A Local Favorite

A staple of Brookhaven, Phatsos Bakery has been delivering fresh, delectable baked goods, establishing itself as a local favorite with a dedicated clientele.

Buono Bros. Bakery: The Wholesale Wonder

Specializing in wholesale, Buono Bros. Bakery distributes scrumptious breads and pastries across the area, proving that quality can come in large quantities.
Website: Buono Bros. Bakery

Wink Baked Goods: Artistry in Every Bite

Though not much is known from its description, Wink Baked Goods is building a reputation for crafting bakery items that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.
Website: Wink Baked Goods

From iconic chains to family-owned gems, Brookhaven’s bakery scene is vibrant and ever-growing. This list only scratches the surface, so be sure to take a taste for yourself.

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