Revolutionizing US Consulting: Startups Thriving in New York’s Business Hub

January 25, 2024

New York City, widely known as the concrete jungle where dreams are made, plays host to a variety of startups that sprouted into the business world in 2020 or later. These startups traverse different industries, but this article will specifically highlight those in the consulting industry. From financial consulting to environmental consulting, and from management consulting to digital marketing, these startups are presenting innovative solutions and services in their respective sectors. Their inception, despite the challenging backdrop of a global pandemic, represents the resilience, dedication, and innovation the city is known for.

Inspired by their individual stories, these startups set out to not only ensure business growth but also impact their communities positively. This is clear in their extensive range of services, whether it’s promoting financial wellness, providing accessible mental healthcare, or pushing for sustainable waste management systems. Let’s immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of these startups, their origins, their missions, and the changes they’re driving in the consulting industry.

Below is a list of the startups, further categorized with respect to their company information, founders, a brief description of their operations, and their social footprint. These startups are sure to leave an indelible mark on the respective sectors they operate in and on the overall landscape of the consulting industry. Here’s a look at these remarkable startups and what they offer to their clients and to the world.


Founded by Alex Ehrlich, Percapita is a financial services company that emphasizes financial wellness for everyday individuals and communities. The platform bridges the gap between financial services and financial wellness, centering on the unique financial needs and goals of individuals. Connect with Percapita on LinkedIn.


Uplift, established in 2020 by founders Danny McDermott and Kyle Talcott, champions for a solution in which a primary mental health practitioner becomes the new norm. Their dedicated team of clinicians, technologists, and operators are fervently fighting for patient rights alongside reinventing how mental health care is provided. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Nadeera is a social enterprise that advocates for sorting at source, increases the sustainability of the waste value chain, introduces technologically innovative methods to improve resident behaviors towards waste management, and establishes deposit return systems for recyclables in the MENA region. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


In the Financial Services, Consulting, and Market Research areas, LoansIntel has a strong presence. Although the founders’ identities are unknown, this startup has made its mark in developing and maintaining professional services. Keep up with LoansIntel on LinkedIn.

Portfolio BI

Portfolio BI is a provider of front-to-back solutions focusing on order management, portfolio management, and operational data within the management consulting industry. Stay updated with their achievements by following them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Dutchess Management

Engaging in various sectors such as Advice, Financial Services, and Transaction Processing, Dutchess Management is also a known name in Management Consulting in New York. They are available on LinkedIn.


Everstell, co-founded by Billy Haque and Sridhar Kadaba, empowers asset management CFOs with strategic decision-making tools. This New York-based FinTech analytics firm builds platforms that streamline complex cost allocations across multiple dimensions and enable fast, accurate reporting, forecasting, and planning required in the modern volatile environment. Follow them on LinkedIn to stay in the loop.


Operating in the Consulting, Financial Services, and Professional Services industries, the USQ startup provides a multitude of services to clients. USQ can be followed on LinkedIn.

Haus of Jaeger

Founded by Elle Von Jaeger, this premier strategy consultancy firm aims to build a top-tier management consulting firm with clientele ranging from leading luxury and fashion companies to online brands and major media houses. Haus of Jaeger is also available on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Quoleady, a digital marketing firm, is on a mission to help SaaS companies grow by developing content strategies, producing exceptional content, and promoting that via public relations. Follow Quoleady on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to get updates.

Jobs for Humanity

Jobs for Humanity provides consulting services, recruiting, and acts as a staffing agency. The company also provides training services. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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