Revolutionizing the Consulting Arena: Phoenix-based Startups Making Waves in the US

January 26, 2024

The start-up ecosystem of Phoenix, Arizona has witnessed an exciting proliferation of Consulting ventures since 2020. From Information Technology to Marketing, and from Sports to Politics, the consulting start-ups in Phoenix are introducing cutting-edge solutions to benefit a variety of industries. This article portrays the highlights of such start-ups that have sprung up in recent years.

These consulting start-ups were founded in or after 2020, and are characterized by their innovative ideas and expert leadership. With an aim to stimulate growth within a range of industries, these enterprises offer specialized services tailored towards unique industry needs

Consulting encompasses a broad array of services. From providing professional insight on efficiency enhancement to proposing viable solutions to challenges, consultants turn the wheels of businesses. This diversity is depicted in our list of Phoenix-based Consulting start-ups established since 2020.


Steadynamic, founded by Brandon Wilson, Matt Edmund and Tony Ash, is a consulting company focusing on Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software. Follow them on @steadynamic, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Swell Marketing Advisors

Swell Marketing Advisors provides strategic marketing solutions designed to foster company growth and generate increased revenue. Their offerings include go-to-market strategy, customer marketing, sales enablement, and more. Connect with Swell Marketing Advisors via their LinkedIn page.

Elite 1 Recruiting Service

Specializing in player evaluation, Elite 1 Recruiting Service offers comprehensive player statistics, profile verification and evaluation feedback. Get to know more about them through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.

Venture Scaler

Founded by Jake Huber, Venture Scaler is a Phoenix-based consulting firm aiming to streamline business recruiting. You can learn more about this firm on their LinkedIn profile.

Horizon Strategies

Horizon Strategies offers strategic partnerships and issue positioning relating to public affairs, engaging with government, key influencers, policymakers, and political experts. Get more info on their LinkedIn profile.

LMC Phoenix

Founded by Jolene Wright, LMC Phoenix provides services in the field of telecommunications, satellite broadcasting and fiber optics. Further information is available on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.


Polyient is a no-code platform for creating NFT-gated merchandise claims, digital goods, event passes, reward tokens, and more. Connect with Polyient on @polyientx, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Cobra Academic Editing

Cobra Academic Editing provides comprehensive academic editing services. Stay updated with them through their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

JMS Inspired

Fashion e-commerce, consulting, and sales start-up JMS Inspired was founded by Justine Stewart. They aim to Love, Light & Inspire with their inspirational apparel, accessories, products and services. Follow them on Facebook.


Smoothen provides full-service customer experience solutions, specializing in CRM development, agent training, and various other services tailored to enhance customer experiences. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Reference Medicine

Founded by Inga Rose, Reference Medicine simplifies the process of biospecimen sourcing for researchers. Connect with Reference Medicine on @ReferenceMed, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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