Revolutionizing Staffing: Top New York Startups Transforming Recruitment in US

January 27, 2024

The staffing agency industry has seen a significant boost in recent years, particularly with the surge of startups contributing innovative new solutions, methodologies, and technologies. In the midst of this industry boom, New York City has emerged as a promising hub for budding staffing agency startups. The following is a rundown of startups that were established in 2020 or later, which have been making waves in the staffing agency arena in the “Big Apple”.

Each organization mentioned not only thrives with a unique value proposition but offers a fresh outlook towards the recruitment process, workplace culture and strategic hiring approaches. Beyond providing businesses with top-notch recruits, these startups are equally passionate about contributing to the domain through pioneering advances in HR tech, temporary staffing solutions, recruiting platforms & more.

These companies have stretched the limits of digitisation and made the recruitment process a lot more streamlined and efficient. They are a testament to the power of innovative thought and paint a hopeful picture of growth for fellow ventures in the industry.


Conceived by founders Alessandro Russo, Jainil Sutaria, Jake Barry, and Kai Han, Pallet operates across sectors like Human Resources, Information Services, Internet, Recruiting, Search Engine, and Staffing Agency. Pallet offers an infrastructure product designed to help communities and creators to build their native recruiting products. Their unique approach allows businesses to tap into and hire talent natively in different internet communities. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Elevation Health Group

Elevation Health Group is a key player in tech-enabled population health solutions, offering services like clinical expertise, healthcare staffing, regulatory support, and supply chain management. They support residential and classroom operations as well as campus health initiatives in institutions. Find them on LinkedIn for more insights.

Jobs for Humanity

Jobs for Humanity is a remarkable startup operating in the Consulting, Recruiting, Staffing Agency, and Training sectors. For updates and news, follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Operating in Fitness, Recruiting, and Staffing Agency industries, Fittly offers unique solutions for businesses seeking skilled staff. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook for updates.

Founded by Ben Argeband, aggregates licensee data from multiple sources and offers a system to fulfill hiring needs. Stay up-to-date with Heartbeat’s latest news on LinkedIn and Facebook.


SkillRank operates in the Corporate Training, Human Resources, Recruiting, and Staffing Agency industries, offering IT hiring and automated scoring assessments for recruitment. Follow them on LinkedIn for updates.


PairHiring provides a platform where people can sign up, create profiles, indicate skills, training, work history, and desired roles, simplifying the hiring process for companies. Stay updated with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Julian Herbstein and Marisa Colantuono Aicardi, Brainbox is a talent advisory firm that provides digital and multi-platform media, sales and marketing positions. Follow them on LinkedIn for further information.

Avert Staffing Group

Avert Staffing Group is a career resource provider that recruits talented cybersecurity and IT professionals. Keep up with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Zagreb Global Group

Zagreb Global Group offers human resources consulting and staffing services, providing a range of services including recruiting solutions and HR consulting. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Total Rewards Search

Total Rewards Search specializes in the Employment, Project Management, Recruiting, and Staffing Agency industries. For their latest updates, follow them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, whether it’s a traditional staffing agency, a temp agency or a tech-oriented HR startup, the key imperative is to deliver the most suitable candidate to the right companies without compromising efficiency and speed. The rise of these New York startups serves as a testament to the continual innovation and evolution of the staffing industry, ushering in a new era focused on intelligent hiring and strategic growth.

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