Revolutionizing Retail: Spotlight on LA-Based US Startup Innovators

January 25, 2024

Los Angeles, California, known for Hollywood glamour and stunning beaches, is fast becoming a bustling hub for promising retail startups. With their innovative ideas, these companies are transforming the retail landscape, offering unique products and exceptional customer experiences. The year 2020 moved businesses online and also saw the inception of some outstanding startup companies that are reshaping the retail industry. This article highlights ten of these Los Angeles-based retail startups, offering an insight into their mission, products, and services.

The retail market has seen significant technological advancements and consumer behavior changes, primarily driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Startups operating in the retail industry have seized the moment to create innovative solutions addressing emerging consumer needs. The following companies, all founded in 2020, demonstrate the impressive entrepreneurial spirit thriving in Los Angeles today.

Let’s explore each of these startups, delving into their unique offerings and impact on the retail industry.

Thirteen Lune

Founded by Nyakio Grieco and Patrick Herning, Thirteen Lune is an online beauty platform with a distinctive mission—selling beauty products from Black and brown-owned brands. As a beacon in the beauty, cosmetics, e-commerce, and retail industry, Thirteen Lune promotes inclusivity and diversity, setting a high standard for other retail startups.
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Alex Becker, Drew Keslowitz, George Durzi, and Joey Brown co-founded Amuse, a premium cannabis delivery company. Operating in the cannabis, e-commerce, and retail industry, Amuse offers a wide range of products, including flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, gummies, chocolates, joints, pens, and topicals from top brands in California.
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Operating in the retail industry, NineSixteen is transforming the way retailers interact with their customers. Founded by Aditya Mugali and Sumant Yerramilly, it allows customers to seamlessly buy online inventory directly in-store. Their touch panels work as interactive catalogs, slotting into existing store layouts to provide a merger of e-commerce and physical retail.
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Actively Black

As a fashion and retail brand, Actively Black hilarates the Black community with its offerings and operations. Established by Lanny Smith, this athleisure brand focuses not only on providing quality sportswear but also uplifts black communities by promoting mental health and physical fitness.
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Founded by Fay Behbehani, Bonbuz offers alcohol-free spirits that provide ‘all the hype without a hangover.’ Offering sugar-free and gluten-free products made with beneficial ingredients, they appeal to health-conscious consumers who like to enjoy socializing without the side effects of alcohol.
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Eddi, co-founded by Jamison Pereira and Sarah Pura, brings unique personal care products to consumers’ doorsteps. The company’s innovative product lineup includes hand soap starter sets, hand soap dispensers, hand soap refill bundles, and more.
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Under the leadership of Colette Shelton, Chirpyest is revolutionizing online shopping. As a social shopping and sharing platform, the startup allows anyone to earn money while they shop, augmenting the ordinary online shopping experience.
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Founded by Cleveland Brown, CyberDyme is a pioneering startup in the realm of virtual reality. They build commerce solutions for the evolving retail industry. Their VR-as-a-Service (VRaaS) platform aims to revolutionize customer buying journeys, and serves businesses in the Travel & Hospitality, Retail, and Non-profits sectors.
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Vossington, co-founded by Emil Bergdahl and Ralf Stelander, is an online retailer specializing in premium picture frames and wall art. Their unique interior design elements bring art and elegance to any living or working space.
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KENT offers unique consumer goods in the e-commerce and retail industry. With a focus on delivering quality products, the company has carved a distinct niche for itself in the market.
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Famous YouTuber Bethany Mota founded Atom&Matter, a luxury goods and jewelry company. Offering unique jewelry and luxury goods through an online platform, Atom&Matter exemplifies e-commerce in the retail industry.
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To conclude, these startups embody entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, and customer-first approaches. They are rewriting the future of the retail market, paving the way for new methods of commerce that will shape consumer behavior and retailer strategies in years to come.

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