Revolutionizing Recruitment: Spotlight on San Francisco’s Innovative US Startups

January 28, 2024

San Francisco is a burgeoning hub for startup recruitment and talent acquisition innovation. Embracing recent technologies, these startups are staking their claim in the recruitment industry by developing innovative tools and platforms. Emerging in a fast-paced city like San Francisco and during the uncertain times of a pandemic, these companies have mastered the art of remote recruitment, enabling businesses worldwide to find top-quality talents. Let’s look at some of the newest recruitment startups in San Francisco that were founded in 2020 and later.


Founded by Chris Bakke and Daniel O’Shea, Laskie provides a people-first job-matching platform for talent in diverse industries, from IT and Marketing to Sales and Software Engineering. Offering both B2C and B2B SaaS products, Laskie simplifies the recruitment process by allowing hiring managers to connect directly with potential candidates. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


SupportFinity completes hiring experiences for businesses of all sizes to find quality talents worldwide. The startup was founded by Moe Nada and provides a platform to manage B2B services from one location. Check their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile for updates.


Circle, founded by Joanna Zhu and Shawn Magee, is a unique platform that showcases short video demos of products to potential users who might be interested. Their operations are concentrated in HR, productivity tools, and video recruiting. You can learn more about them from their LinkedIn profile.


Anna Melano and Khaled Hussein co-founded Betterleap, a platform that aims to streamline the entire recruitment process by connecting world-class companies with top recruiters to hire the best tech talent. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Anthony Duerr and Omar Khateeb in 2020, JobPixel is a web application that uses video tech to help businesses find, evaluate, and hire the right candidates. Learn more about them on their Facebook page, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile.


Lundi brings together AI and recruitment to help companies discover regions with an abundance of talent, making global recruitment a competitive advantage. Founded by Alexandra Romanyshyna, Ekaterina Gushchina, and Jonathan Romley, visit their LinkedIn profile for more information.


Enrole is a mobile application that connects job seekers directly to recruiters based on algorithmic matching of interests, skills, and goals, shifting the job search focus from sifting through postings to fostering connections. Visit their Facebook page, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile for more.


Kiter, founded by Peter Mangan, is another startup to keep an eye on. The company operates in the recruiting, Internet, and software sectors. Visit their Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile for updates.


Operating in HR and Social Recruiting, Scaled is a firm paving the way for remote recruiting for high-growth tech startups. Learn more about them from their LinkedIn profile.

Tack Advisors

Tack Advisors, founded by Al-Husein Madhany and Meagan Strout, are offering services in the recruitment, consulting, and training sectors. Visit their Facebook page, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile for updates.

Build Talent

Last but not least, Build Talent operates in the HR and recruitment sectors and specializing in identifying and hiring talent. For more information, visit their LinkedIn profile.

In conclusion, these new startups are revolutionizing the recruiting industry. They offer innovative and efficient tools that meet today’s hiring needs, handling not just the process of recruitment but ensuring quality and fit between the talents and the companies. Watch out for these San Francisco startups as they continue to disrupt and shape the future of recruitment.

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