Revolutionizing Lifestyle: Promising New York-based Startups Reshaping American Living

January 25, 2024

As we move forward into the new era of startups, it’s exciting to see the innovation and vibrance coming from companies founded in 2020 or later, especially those in the leaps and bounds industry of Lifestyle. Based in the heart of the USA, New York City, these companies are pioneering new ways of engaging with wellness, health, fashion, and more. The city, with its dynamic and diverse population, provides an ample launching pad for startups looking to make an impact. Each company has a unique story to tell, showcasing the incredible entrepreneurs of the USA.

The Lifestyle industry is diverse, covering everything from fitness to beauty, fashion, wellness, and more. These startups are capitalizing on New York’s reputation as a trendsetting city to not only establish their presence but also to innovate in their respective fields. In neighborhoods from Manhattan to Brooklyn, they are pushing boundaries, and establishing their mark in diverse areas such as personalized fitness, high-quality cosmetics, healthy aging, lifestyle brands, fashion education, luxury living, personalized training, astrology-driven social networking, fragrance personalization and influencer marketing.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the shiny and advanced landscape of these New York-based startups paving the way in the lifestyle industry.


Founded by Brynn Jinnett Putnam, Studio is at the forefront of connecting fitness with technology. Their fitness system, Mirror, streams live and on-demand classes straight to user homes. Located in New York, this company goes beyond your typical online workout, personalizing the experience through user feedback and biometric data.

Makeup by Mario

Makeup by Mario brings together two decades of incredible makeup artistry. Developed with the professional artist in mind, their products aim to revolutionize application techniques and inspire beauty trends globally. Mario is known for subtle transformations, promoting the natural beauty of all skin tones.

Modern Age

Health and wellness go hand-in-hand with aging, and Modern Age realizes that. This startup, founded by Melissa Eamer, is making the journey of aging healthier, manageable, and more enjoyable with personalized wellness plans.

Mizizi Africa Consumer Holdings

Marvin Kiragu’s Mizizi Africa Consumer Holdings brings ethical and inclusive practices into retail by aggregating and scaling digitally-native lifestyle brands with a cultural narrative.

Fashion Launchpad

For those working in fashion and retail, Fashion Launchpad provides an on-demand education platform. The brainchild of Sandra Campos, the platform encourages networking and development with message boards, live events and games.

Aman New York

The Aman New York separates itself from the crowd by offering urban residences in their hotel. With 22 unique residences, and one five-story penthouse, this luxury resort is not only a hotel but also a home for the rich and fashionable.

Anna Kaiser Studios

Anna Kaiser Studios is revolutionizing the boutique fitness studio concept. Providing virtual and online courses, personalized training, and wellness programming, all aiming to change the way people exercise.


Disla fuses both fashion and lifestyle, creating a unique niche in the industry. This startup operates within the realm of women’s fashion, manufacturing and textiles.


Started by William Baek, Angela Kim, Edward Kim, Hangyo Seo and Jinwook Baek, HANG5 reinvents the dating app scene. Their astrology-based app connects users according to zodiac compatibility while providing value-added information such as horoscopes and advice forums.

Scent Lab

Finding the perfect fragrance is a challenge, simplified by Scent Lab. Their new online platform is turning the fragrance retail industry on its head, using data and AI technology to create the perfect scent profile for each user.


In the realm of influencer marketing, Aimee stands out. This startup created by Matt Pavelle offers a comprehensive offering that includes influencer management, content creation, collaborations, and more to help brands achieve their marketing goals.

In conclusion, New York City remains a bustling hub of innovation and creativity, and it’s thrilling to see the talent and drive emerging from the startups founded in 2020 or beyond. Here’s to the future ahead!

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