Revolutionizing Industry: Unveiling Houston’s Pioneering US-Based Industrial Startups

January 26, 2024

The Houston industrial startup landscape, which has been noteworthy for several years, has been particularly vibrant since 2020. This city, known for its economic diversity, boasts a compelling ecosystem that nurtures and supports young companies. Here are a few of the industrious startups within the industrial sector, all of which were established in 2020 or later and are headquartered in Houston, Texas

This list comprises various sectors, including agriculture, environmental engineering, recycling, energy, chemical, technical support, and many more, reflecting the vibrancy and diversity of Houston’s industrial startups. The determination of these emerging businesses to grow, excel, and alter their respective industries is nothing short of inspiring. Here’s a deeper dive into these startups:

Each one of these startups holds a unique position in the industrial landscape, offering niche solutions ranging from raw hemp processing to optimizing crude oil pipeline performance. Without further ado, let’s delve into these compelling ventures:

Lone Star Industrial Materials

Established in 2020, Lone Star Industrial Materials specializes in processing and manufacturing raw hemp materials. They handle the complete raw materials development cycle, improving seed genetics, optimizing harvesting techniques, processing raw hemp, and implementing applications. By producing basic raw hemp in various forms, they meet a multitude of product demands across several billion-dollar markets.


IVTS is a Houston-based startup specializing in vacuuming and transporting various industrial and environmental materials. Using its system that combines vacuuming and pumping capabilities, IVTS USA can convey an array of materials over extended distances. They began their journey in 2020.

Zinc Resources

Zinc Resources specializes in offering solutions that recycle the hazardous waste produced during steel production in a safe and cost-effective manner. Founded by Ron Crittendon, Zinc Resources lends a hand to the steel industry, demonstrating a commitment to environmental conservation.

PPG Energy

Another 2020-born startup, PPG Energy, offers comprehensive training for organizations to manage their power generation solutions. Customers can easily connect with them through email, mobile, and online applications, reflecting the companies adaptability to modern communication means.


IRIS Tech provides dry DRA to the crude oil pipeline market. With services such as increasing pipeline throughput capacity, optimizing power, peak shaving, batch management, and creating custom-made products, they are transforming the crude oil industry.

R.e.Solution Technologies

Co-founded by Balaji Kavaipatti and Sofiene Sidi-Ali-Cherif, R.e.Solution Technologies is a technology company offering design and development of electro-mechanical and data acquisition systems, rapid prototyping, testing logistics, and comprehensive project management services from inception to production and maintenance.

VIVA Virtual Assistants

Offering services ranging from virtual assistant solutions to real estate solutions, VIVA Virtual Assistants is one of the most promising startups in the industry.

Lummus Digital

Lummus Digital accelerates the digitalization of the process industry. Providing performance monitoring, health prediction, system optimization, and plant-wide performance improvement services, they are on their way to becoming a leader in their field.

Blue Sky Measurements

Blue Sky Measurements has developed an innovative methane detection technology that provides a low-cost tool for continuous detection, quantification, and source location of fugitive emissions in the oil and gas industry.

Blockchain For Energy

Blockchain For Energy is a unique startup that operates in the intersection of blockchain, industrial, and non-profit sectors, proving that Houston’s industrial startups are taking on myriad forms.

LND Technical Services

Last but not least, LND Technical Services is an industrial engineering startup specializing in electronics and power grid systems. Their contribution is shaping Houston’s industrial evolution and framing the city as a hub for groundbreaking startups.

In conclusion, these startups prove why Houston is an attractive ecosystem for entrepreneurs looking to change the game in the industrial sector. They exemplify the city’s reputation for promoting diversity, innovation, and industry development, elevating Houston’s standing in the global startup scene.

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