Revolutionizing Healthcare: Chicago’s Noteworthy Medical Startups in the US

January 27, 2024

Chicago, the city widely known for its formidable place in the history of modern medicine, is also home to several burgeoning startups making their mark in the medical industry. Here, the innovation thrives, intersecting the realms of healthcare, biotechnology, medical devices, and more. Despite the unprecedented challenges of the global pandemic, these startups, all founded in 2020 or later, have not only survived but advanced, building solutions and services poised to reshape medicine as we know it.

Spanning across a variety of disciplines, these startups demonstrate a relentless pursuit of innovation. They are harnessing the power of emerging technologies, creating products that address significant gaps in healthcare, revolutionizing medical practices, and catalyzing pivotal research studies. Even more impressive, these early-stage companies have managed to make substantial strides despite the industry’s strict regulatory environment and capital-intensive nature.

This showcase highlights these startups and their contributions to the rapidly-evolving medical industry in Chicago. Let’s go on a journey exploring the startups operating in the heart of medical innovation, starting with Evozyne and descending alphabetically:


Fusing biotechnology, life science, and medical insights, Evozyne specializes in protein design and molecular scale. Founded by Andrew Ferguson, Jeff Aronin, and Rama Ranganathan, the company aims to leverage the power of novel proteins to address complex human and societal challenges. With a commitment to revolutionize protein design, Evozyne sits at the heart of some of the most exciting discoveries in modern biology.

Grove Biopharma

At the forefront of peptide therapeutic solutions is Grove Biopharma. The company is delving into materials science to develop a novel class of “protein-like polymers” aimed at addressing chronic inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. Rooted in innovation, Grove Biopharma’s ventures are paving the way for future therapeutics.

Flow Medical

Flow Medical is revolutionizing healthcare by offering multi-function catheters to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of venous thromboembolic illness. Their commitment to simplifying processes while ensuring precision places them as a key player in the medical devices sector.


Transcending the realms of healthcare IT, iCareBilling provides an array of services, including Medical Billing, Practice Management, Healthcare RCM, and Web Design Services. Their customized solutions aim to streamline workflows and improve patient care, setting new standards for medical practice management.


With a unique approach to PTSD treatment, Stella is stepping up to confront mental health challenges. The company’s innovative treatment, known as the Stellate Ganglion Block, offers a promising avenue for trauma symptom intervention, dramatically enhancing PTSD care.

PACE Healthcare Capital

Navigating the intersection of finance and healthcare, PACE Healthcare Capital is an early-stage VC firm dedicated to bolstering the future of healthcare. By investing in digital healthcare and health technology startups, the firm propels innovative ideas and solutions that maximize health outcomes and minimize costs.


MedBound is carving out a unique niche in the healthcare market, forming a bridge between health care, social networking, and technology. Their platform allows healthcare professionals to connect, collaborate, and share unique insights and expertise, revolutionizing healthcare communication.

Avivo BioOptics

Specializing in biotechnology, healthcare, manufacturing, and medical devices, Avivo BioOptics is pushing boundaries, creating innovative solutions that not only improve patient outcomes but also catalyze groundbreaking research.

Front1 Health Partners

Front1 Health Partners is a prominent player in the healthcare and medical device industry. Their innovative approach to healthcare delivery sets them as a crucial force in the medical device sector.

Hyve Health

Driving improvement in healthcare delivery and wellness, Hyve Health leverages technology to deliver personalized and effective healthcare solutions. Their commitment to optimizing healthcare through technology sets them up as a leader in digital health.

Holland Green Science

Playing an essential role in the manufacturing and design of extraction and processing equipment, Holland Green Science is a novel entrant into the medical product design and retail industry. Their innovative solutions make them a catalyst for improving healthcare practices.

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